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Fallout 4 Nuka Cola Blaster by DoubleZeroFX, visual art

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I am a prop and costume builder based out of Huntsville, AL. I enjoy building a wide range of things, but it seems my portfolio is basically helmets and weapons, which I'm fine with! :P You'll find that my portfolio jumps around a bit, as my interests vary greatly. I tend to take a long time to build things, as I am accuracy and detail-oriented, and having a full-time job doesn't exactly grant me a ton of time to work on my projects.

I do take commissions! I love to see what people want me to build - oftentimes it's something I've never seen before, or know of only on a distant level. I try not to overload my building schedule, though, so I can't take on every commission. But if you like my work and want me to build something for you, send me a message with a reference photo and we'll talk.

I'm on Facebook as well! Check me out at the link below for news and progress photos, and give me a "Like" while you're there!
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Pulled all of my Deadmau5 deviations back out of storage today since I needed to access some of the photos, but I felt like leaving them out. If I get any more abusive assholes making demands or any other kind of negativity on those deviations or in my notes, I'll just pull them back off DA. For context, I put them all in storage some time back because I received several comments and notes from people demanding I sell my stuff to them (not asking, demanding) and then would be verbally abusive (textually abusive?) to me when I declined. This seems to be the MO for a lot of Deadmau5 fans I've interacted with and continue to interact with on and off of DA, unfortunately, and is the sole reason why I stopped making Deadmau5 heads.
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To say 2020 has been an absolute clusterfuck would be the understatement of the century. Regarding any sort of "bad events" one might normally incur in any given year - car accidents, medical issues, financial troubles, and the like - it's been a reasonably good year for me. It could be way worse, with the varied effects of the pandemic and the political unrest here in the US. So don't get me wrong... my life in actuality isn't crumbling around me, and I'm immensely thankful for that. Hell, I even got my dream car this year. But external things and lack of stressful personal life events aren't the whole picture of course. 2020 is proving to be mentally exhausting and emotionally destabilizing. And it's doing that for most people to some degree, which compounds the issue. We often seek our friends and family for solace, but when those people are under the same emotional duress, it feels selfish to seek their shoulder to cry on. Part of me says to try anyways since I may very well be
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Looks like there's no going back on the new DeviantArt. I've already accidentally deleted an entire user's art in my watch folder. And even on my GIGANTIC monitor, it seems like everything is far too large. It's like the website is literally bursting at the seams. Just absolutely fucking awful web design. Anyone jumping ship to another platform?
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Thank you for the Quartz Badge! :D

Ha you are in Huntsville I live in Gadsden. Really like your work, may buy something too. Very nice work on the Kaiju lice. Now I will look @ your other works.

Do you still make Dredd helmets?
Unfortunately I do not. The mold bit the dust years ago.

Just make a new mold off the casts

Thanks for letting me know