Pinkielovania, the Game

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Remember our animation "Pinkielovania"?

Flatternschuchtern :iconflatternschuchtern: made a playable version of it for Unitale.
Here is the download link:…

If you don't know, what this is about, here is the animation:
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Request: Implement Karmic Retribution. For anyone who doesn't know what I mean, it's the "poison" in the Sans fight.
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Does anyone have a video of winning this? Because it's so freaking hard, and I want to see how close it follows the original animation. 
If you just want to see what happens, you can use cheat mode in ACT menu. The game does not follow video sometimes because of Unitale limitations.
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Is it possible to win without cheating? 
It must be possible. I never did it myself, but when I was balancing every single wave, I made sure that every one can be cleared with reasonable HP losses, that can be restored with a single heal (the most insane wave with saws and blue blades took me ~30 hp). Also, 60-70 hp is more than enough to clear the last one if you do well. Unfair parts of it deal the player about 10 times less damage. Finally, it's better to be lucky, because RNG is involved when it comes to facing a random wave after healing.
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Is it possible to win without taking damage? 
It's not. At least, during the last wave. I tried to make it like in the video, and the heart often gets hit by two blades with different color at the same time.
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Ah, I was wondering if something like that would actually be possible to dodge. 
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pretty cool pretty cool
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Do you have to have already bought Undertale in order to play the game? Because it is not playing on my laptop.
You don't need Undertale to play this.
You just launch UNITALE_Alpha_0.2.1a.exe, and it doesn't work?
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It downloaded as an .rar file and it tries to open with Windows Media Player.
Just press RMB on .rar, and choose to open it with any archiver program like WinRar. Maybe somebody accidentally choosed Media Player as the default program for archives?
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This might be naïve, but what is "RMB?" And you were right about the media player being my default, but it won't let me change it to anything else.
Do I have to pay money for WinRAR?
Right Mouse Button.
Click it over the .rar file and choose "Open with..." option. It'll let you choose a program to open the archive.
WinRAR is actually not free, but you can download a free demo-version with almost full functional. After demo expires, surprisingly, you can still use it for any period of time, it'll just ask you to buy full version each time. If you don't have WinRAR, just download it for free from their official site.
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Thanks, I'll give that a try.
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I'm more impressed that someone managed to do a thing in 0.2.1a. That shit's unusable, yo. CYF forever.
I'm fairly certain it's literally impossible to beat this fight... The FUN attack, the 6 boxes attack, attack where most of the bullet box is covered with knives and then starts moving and another layer of knives has to be avoided, the two columns of knives that move in opposite directions attack, the falling to the right attack, the Fluttershy attack, the maze attack. I'm pretty sure no one can actually get through those without getting hurt or dying.
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If you go to the act and press "cheat" you will have infinite hp like in the animation
Thank you for responding!
This game was meant to be challenging, but I don't think it's impossible to beat it.
Personally, I didn't beat the whole game, but survived each wave with reasonable HP losses when tested them. If I could not survive the wave with losing less than 42 hp (the single heal), I slightly simplified the wave.
The last one is exception. It's best to start it with full HP (the previous attack is extremely easy, so you can heal. If you get lucky, the random one will be easy too). In the last one everything deals much less damage than usually. (Unfair attacks up to 8 times), so I survived the whole wave with 20 HP left with my first not that successfull try.
If you still think it's too unfair, I could reupload and make everything deal even less damage, or explain, how you can tune the damage dealt to whatever you like.
Sorry for my english and have a nice day.
Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your English was fine.

I made my comment with the mindset of someone who has only seen the original Sans fight played. Considering that the Pinkamena fight seems even harder, and I don't recall the SOUL ever being as responsive as it is in the crossover fight as I remember it being in the original game, I just assumed that the controls were altered to have a quicker response time to move back and forth or stop and start at the rate it needs to to get through some of pinkie's attacks.

For the people who can do it, I'll just be over here impressed by their abilities. I am glad you took the time to make this fight to give people an opportunity to display their skills.
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OMG yes thank you for this! I'll definitely have fun playing it!
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Dem cupcakes are blood-flavored!
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