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What If Celestia... 04

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What if Twilight never made friends? What if the Elements of Harmony would have been destroyed forever?
What if Celestia had been forced to handle all the problems herself? How would the story go then?

Here's a new comic series from Mr-Spider-The-Bug :iconmr-spider-the-bug: and doubleWbrothers :icondoublewbrothers: where we will get all the answers to the question: "What if Celestia..."

Drawn and mostly written by Mr-Spider-The-Bug :iconmr-spider-the-bug: (You can check his other comics)

Sponsored and co-written by me, the older of the two doubleWbrothers (the one who draws less, OC with the long mane)

Proofread by DracoBlair :icondracoblair:
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She is using the older sibling advantege!!!!!Pinkie Pie Squint

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"This isn't even my fina form!"

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Mr-Spider-The-Bug just announced that he is no longer drawing for this due to a low view count on his own gallery. You guys need to find another artist fast.

EDIT: That's weird. Why is page 4 a copy of page 3? Can you fix that?

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Well, the idea was that I would keep doing this comic for $4.5 per panel. And people will come to support me.

Flowey Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale But nobody came...

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oh, THIS silly short video came to mind:

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"Celestia wins." exclaimed Shao Kahn.

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Now that's badass. XD

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So Celestia is One Hoof Pony.

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reminds me of a silly story on FimFiction, i think it was called "daring do and the one boop mare", where Maud Pie was as powerful as One-punch Man.

...and Ahuizotol turned into Boros.

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oops, it's "one BUCK mare".

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Bu...Bu...But... LUNAAA! D':

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Tia's version of Consecutive Normal Punches

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Too Awesome!!!!! ; )

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Attack names.

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I seriously doubt that that's her weakest hit.Queen chrysalis icon

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Well, in relation to her Light element powers, yes.

In this case, Luna was using her element of night power attack. "Moon sickles blades."

In return, Celestia used her weakest element of Ligh power attack, as Luna asked for doing all these provocations.

If she hadn't go for her elements magic and stay with simple magic, making simple force beams and blast as before, then Celestia wouldn't do it either. But in fact, Celestia herself is not so good in simple magic, can't even use teleports as Twilight. And in her arsenal of simple magic attacks, was nothing that could stop or block Luna 1000 blades. So she had to use her weakest Light element attack.

Besides that, as the elements of harmony were destroyed, luna cannot be purified or banished any more. She has no choice but calm her down with brute force.

Good thing there were no cities nearby, Celestia can't use any of this near to populated areas, or you know what's going to happen.

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