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What If Celestia... 03




What if Twilight never made friends? What if the Elements of Harmony would have been destroyed forever?
What if Celestia had been forced to handle all the problems herself? How would the story go then?

Here's a new comic series from Mr-Spider-The-Bug :iconmr-spider-the-bug: and doubleWbrothers :icondoublewbrothers: where we will get all the answers to the question: "What if Celestia..."

Drawn and mostly written by Mr-Spider-The-Bug :iconmr-spider-the-bug: (You can check his other comics)

Sponsored and co-written by me, the older of the two doubleWbrothers (the one who draws less, OC with the long mane)

Proofread by DracoBlair :icondracoblair:
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The perfect music to see this part of the comic

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i literally agree, it sound too good to be true.

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*eats popcorn* this is getting good
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plot twis in this time line Nightmare moon is defeated but both the sun abd the moon were blow up
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Seems like every fan imagining of this scene is superior to the real thing.
Freakster00f's avatar
And then Fausticorn appears :3
MusicalCrafts's avatar

Lol that's actually nice lolololololololol

ponetester-gallop's avatar

It turned into an action cartoon suddenly.

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Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
No, but I can keep a rampaging sister at bay with them, so there's that?
Try not to accidentally kill your sister.
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I bet you fifty bucks that Celestia will send Nightmare Moon to the moon again.
Mr-Spider-The-Bug's avatar
Spider Web 2 Accept! Easy money... Spider Web 2 
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This is gonna hurt...

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Light vs Dark, MLP style.
Mr-Spider-The-Bug's avatar
Epic battle by Underpable
Spider Web 2 Yeah. That's exactly what's gonna happen... Spider Web 2 
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:iconwoonasadplz:: Moooooom! Tia hit meeeee!
Cry Tia: You started it!
Robotic-Turtle's avatar
(One of these days, Alice) Bang, zoom, straight to the moon.
Pony4Koma's avatar
Shit... They are gonna trow the Sun and the Moon at each other!
MaskOfLight's avatar

Oh, there are going to be A LOT of bodies.

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