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What If Celestia... 01


What if Twilight never made friends? What if the Elements of Harmony would have been destroyed forever?
What if Celestia had been forced to handle all the problems herself? How would the story go then?

Here's a new comic series from Mr-Spider-The-Bug :iconmr-spider-the-bug: and doubleWbrothers :icondoublewbrothers: where we will get all the answers to the question: "What if Celestia..."

Drawn and mostly written by Mr-Spider-The-Bug :iconmr-spider-the-bug: (You can check his other comics)

Sponsored and co-written by me, the older of the two doubleWbrothers (the one who draws less, OC with the long mane)

Proofread by DracoBlair :icondracoblair:

OC's in this page belong to my brother :icondoublewbrothers:EStories :iconestories: and Pony-Berserker :iconpony-berserker:

:iconmr-spider-the-bug: "Please note, that I as a writer, consider only the official episodes as canon. I DO NOT consider other sources of information like official books, comics, movies, special episodes, alternative universes series, toy descriptions, official games, author's tweets, etc. as canon! Besides that, time travel does not exist! All time travel we saw in the show was just mind illusion spells that have only given the impression of time travel. Nothing that we saw in the episodes «Cutie Re-Mark Part 1-2» was real."
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I agree with the Changeling.

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but it was real they really did travel back in time and Starlight kept messing up their childhood, we've seen the answer to the what if Celestia did it herself and she loses to everyone, it wasn't a mind illusion otherwise Twilight wouldn't be tired after fighting with Starlight so yeah instead you could have said I want to make this comic to show what I think what if Celestia did it herself despite what the show canon showed us.

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A What If story without the Watcher? What sort of madness is this!
Oh right, it's a cool looking comic with an interesting idea. The kind of madness I can get into!
Why do I get surprised ...?

No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree! No, I disagree! Sweating a little...

Why do I get surprised ...? Hey, you go see
what I do ?, there are gift cookies
(if Pinkie didn't eat them before)

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love the fact you included berzie to criticize the events

great casting choice

I'm not a fan of these changes.
goldorakx69's avatar
i can't wait to see the next page!
Well, we've already seen a selection of such timelines . . . and even in the Sombra timeline I don't really think she was going to win in the end.
strongbad-joe132's avatar
Pony-Berserker's character looks like King Thorax.
EStories's avatar
I said it once, I said it twice... I can't thank you enough for this absolutely perfect cameo AND this comic series x3 I - of course - have no idea how it continues and can't wait for more :D
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As some random off-camera guy once yelled out: "You're going to be sorry!"

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Well she did handled Discord herself by hooking him up with Fluttershy in S3

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This will be interesting...
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Oh boy... I can already see this going badly.
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A strong start, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this one goes!

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Color me curious! Let's see how these play out.
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
Sounds very interesting, indeed :D 
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Pretty sure most of them end with Yakyakistan being reduced to a glowing hole in the ground and North Cowria being next on the list.
XxNeo-The-HedgehogxX's avatar
MJ Popcorn can't wait for more 
Berzie, you've written some fanfiction that was better. Well, fancomics, but that's not a real distinction. Shut up and take your praise, Pony-Berserker.
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