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"Bowling! Come bowling... I mean, buy flowers!"

For those who get the reference. ;-)

Season 5 Comic Marathon

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He was doing so good until he pulled out a shotgun in fact where did get a shotgun 😨

guardmn's avatar

Anypony know how many times Troubleshoes has sat in Silverstars jail??

GumballFan333's avatar
Remember Kids. Do Not Talk With Strangers.

Because Sometimes A Few Ones Could Be A Chainsaw Sales-Pony Guy...
TheOverlordFoxGamer's avatar
GET THE FBI! Wait this is MLP... GET THE GUARDS OF CELESTIA! Oh wait... They don't come here... Welp. We had a good run right?
kateplay23's avatar
GETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT THE ELEMENTS OF HARM-oh wait there gone doing a quest that is non important
Scootaloo98686's avatar

GETTTTTTTT THE TREE OF HARM-oh wait the tree of harmony was Destroyed by King sombra so we are all doom

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vinnixtra's avatar
Jesus christ! can he be any more terrifying!? 
EmeraldBlaz3's avatar

jesus dont equestria

SnapePotions34's avatar
XmanxGhost's avatar
I think a shooting range would be more of your speed
AtaFonManga's avatar
Your comics never fail to make the Fondrian squad laugh. We even caught Lili smiling at them. Well done!
TurnedWhyte's avatar
Bad luck, or bad ideas?
Almighty777's avatar
There’s no such thing as bad ideas! Only ideas that can go really, really wrong.
TurnedWhyte's avatar
Hm, fair point. I suppose selling flowers with a shotgun is a pretty damn good example of that.
Almighty777's avatar
If you’re gonna do something, might as well go the extra mile.
TurnedWhyte's avatar
I think that scenario makes the leap from "extra mile" to "extra parsec" incredibly quickly.

...extra parsec? Jeez, even I think that was too nerdy.
I-AM-LOLCAT's avatar
Where did he get that double barrel shotgun?I want one
FronzenTyPo's avatar
this comic is the equilent to the BUY OUR TOYS song - by brony notion 
Oh man, Astro-Brony did the best dub of this! XD
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