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Twilight to battle

Even if the gates of the underworld open, Twilight will handle it.

I sketched the picture.

:icondavionx: did the lineart.

Then each of us made a finished version.

Here you can find his:…
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XenoTeeth3's avatar
This is badass !
GumballFan333's avatar
This Picture Will Look Great As A Wallpaper If You Think About It.
DinoBrony016's avatar
This sort of reminds me of a screenshot of yugioh japanese openings. Near at the end, 1:08.

JustinNF's avatar
I thought the monster is Ursa Minor at my first thought... RIP first instinct
OwlzRule's avatar
The monsters got dem legs open... WHY DOES MY MIND IMAGINE DESE THINGS????
Frostburn195's avatar
Now that is an epic fight!
Awesome picture, but what's she fighting? Looks kind of like some even more grotesque version of Biollante from the Godzilla movies. O_O
tyruvelp's avatar
link in description dont work any more 
TiffanyRosebud's avatar
wow. i didnt expect mlp to look... epic
That mouth... O.O
ulterno617's avatar
don't worry i'll help!! i'll go in dragon form though.

okay lets go!!
SilverWing27's avatar
Dang! That looks like something out of a nightmare. Although it is out of the underworld so yeah. Take him down Twilight!
crimsongrain's avatar
She won't survive unless we or mainly I help 
pupshackle's avatar
And as of Season 4, we had 100% proof she would :p
At first I thought it was a Great Unclean One or something.
EvaBronyLoveArt's avatar
Raven-Twilight :3 ?
alexwarlorn's avatar
Envy, "Give ma break! You think you can beat you purple little horsy!" 
AlexRussianAlicorn's avatar
Very qualitatively and beautifully Clap 
DAPLR's avatar
That guy on the left really knee-ds some help.
Twilight-Legion's avatar
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