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New season with more pony fun!

Right now I'm trying to draw in a simpler fashion, so that I may be able to draw a little comic to every new episode.
Though at the moment I can't give a guarantee. I also can't let it get in the way of the simulators.

Anyway, enjoy!

Season 5 Comic Marathon

Ep 1&2    Ep3     Ep4     Ep5     Ep6     Ep7     Ep8         More here:…

    X         Home by doubleWbrothers    Dream by doubleWbrothers   Grief by doubleWbrothers    Wanted by doubleWbrothers    Radical by doubleWbrothers     Redemption by doubleWbrothers
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Why does Pinki not like humans?

Is it because Pinki can see the fourth wall and know how crazy bad or good humans can be? and our mess up human history?

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Okay I am officially creeped out

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what? Pinky is the normal one there? wierd... xD

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ha ha ha ha ha that so funny

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Imagine if my little human exist in real world.

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only on a television show.

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I love the internet!

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No one should have to suffer like that.

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No one ever listens to me
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The Most Creepiest MLP Comic I've Ever Seen So Far.
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No is creepy as the people in real world
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What Do You Mean About The People In Real World?
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Xd I love how pinkie is the one that hates it.
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They Told Me Not to Go to Funny Comics

BUT I DIDN'T LISTENGIF My Little Pony - But I didn't listen! 

The craziest pony is the one making sense? The end is neigh!

- Pun intended

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Pinkie is worried?! That show must be terrible.

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Oh god this is horrifying! o.o SAVE PINKIE! (Come back for the others after breaking the show to pieces and waking them up from, whatever spell they're under.)

Yeah, like that will go well -_-

When Pinkie Pie is the only one who makes sense, you know something's wrong.

Someone better cancel that show before it reaches its 10th season. Diversity can only go so far people!


Us: (standing in front of all our pony merch with a pair of sunglasses on)
*thumbs up* fair enough.
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Hahahahhaa HOLYSH!T
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