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S7M Start

And thus we enter into a new "Season Marathon".

We know we didn't do it with season 6, but at that time it was too much to handle.

Well, now we will have a short comic to every new episode.

The next one will be uploaded on friday.

Season 7 marathon:


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GumballFan333's avatar
This Is A Good Start.

Twilight's A PSYCHO Now. :) (Smile) 
Thunderlime374's avatar
Oh dear Twilight, I thought you're friends with them. LOL
Skyfirewolf's avatar
heh...good one twi
BronyVideoGamer's avatar
If you regret saying that, you would have told us, or have hidden your comment by now.
MrSpartin's avatar
Season six was baaad.
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
I agree, really bad, though the movie in my opinion was even worse, just a badly written episode.
BronyVideoGamer's avatar
Agreed, honestly. Season six was GARBAGE. Glimmer didn't even make it bearable to watch.
BronyVideoGamer's avatar
Dude, I think you need to learn what an opinion is. Mine is that the show has gone downhill since season 6 started up until A Flurry of Emotions, then it just turned to crap again.
RedeemerofDark's avatar
Also I like starlight :3
Well I don't.

She's starting to take over the focus of the show. It's not called My Little Starlight after all.
luckyfanisaac's avatar
Well I didn’t like the Season 6 Crystal Empire.
THEY TOOK AWAY THEIR CRYSTAL COATS!!! Now it’s only temporary!!!
That is kinda dumb when you think about it. But then again, they weren't always crystal all the time, only when they were all particularly happy.
dafk189's avatar
I don't suppose we would see season 6 comics in the future?
That's a good point. The show isn't called My Little Starlight.
Altikat's avatar
ohhh twilight got buuuuurned
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