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S7M Honesty

:iconrarityknowsplz:  Wasn't the lesson of this episode more like: Don't place harsh judgement on what you don't understand?

:iconapplejackuh-huhplz:  Really?

:iconrarityishappyplz:  Yes, because you don't understand the splendor of fashion hohohoho!

:iconapplejackwaitwhatplz:  Fashion isn't practical, but i'ts still popular. That's annoying.

:iconraritygangstaplz:  When something is popular, but one doesn't like it, one tends to despise it.

:iconpinkiewinkplz:  Like MLP!

:iconapplejackmadplz:  Pinkie! Leave that fourth wall alone, yah hear me!?

Well, fashion is a super weird thingy, but still popular

Season 7 marathon:


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Omfg this made me laugh so hard
NikkiHar18's avatar
The moral of that episode was... wait, what was the moral? Don't judge fashion too negatively? Brutal honesty ain't the best policy? I don't get it.:confused:  
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
We are halfway into season 8 now so where are the rest of these?
meiyeezhu's avatar
I already learned that lesson from "Drake and Josh", and it was an episode about who can date the most girls
Blockyblob's avatar
i remember that
Nautilus18's avatar
Gordon Ramsey probably knows this and just doesn't care.
tuxedoprime82's avatar
Im am adding this to my favorites lol
MokaMcdowell's avatar
Simon aint much of a hard ass anymore, hasnt been for a couple of years... so this joke is kinda late.

Still good, but its late.
derpyheartsfnaf's avatar
Cannon Simon Cowell is a Bronie and uses MLP to help make his life decisions XD!
Isabelcats3's avatar
I just read all nine of these. Must. Read. More.
HZPenblade's avatar
:iconapplejackmadplz:  Pinkie! Leave that fourth wall alone, yah hear me!?

My new reaction gif for such things XD
Tyelka's avatar
Yeah Pinkie! 4th wall touchins be for the DeadPool =P
TechZeroPyro's avatar
Poor, poor, brutalized Fourth Wall...
ZanarNaryon's avatar
That's one of my favorite gags ever. People in comics wearing shirts confirming their identity, preferably as obnoxiously as possible
AngelWaffle's avatar
Never knew Simon Cowell was a brony
keeners4's avatar
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nightshadowmlp's avatar
Pinkie Pie Scream01<Applejack, you want me to leave the fourth wall alone?!
 Pinkie pie (don't smile and bad news) plz<NO.
MLP Applejack (Aw Horseapples) Plz<Not even a little bit?
Pinkie Pie Squint<NO. NO. AND AGAIN, NO.   
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Hurts doesn't it? :XD:
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Many critics are crying now.
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