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S7M Fight

The Season 7 marathon resumes.
This comic is a gif, and a bit of an experiment.

We will make an actual animation of the battle between Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker. But this one will be a massive task, even if it's short, so production will happen over a longer course of time. Please be patient.

For now you can enjoy our newest MTP animation we just released:…

Season 7 marathon:


Our Patreon:…
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Faved because I like it more than the episode's.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh God thats funny. You just made my day.

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Can you do a Mlp Comic Based off of this?
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Question how often do you guys make gifs like that?
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...bwahahaha! :D
Apparently Firefox isn't entirely happy showing such a huge gif.
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When is the animation coming?
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My biggest question regarding this episode: How did Twilight know the map was sending Starlight to the Royal Palace? The CM just floated over Canterlot
E-M-E-R-L's avatar
Canterlot, is a City within a Castle, basically the castle wraps around the city, well parts of it anyways. If you've ever played Final Fantasy 9, it's kinda like Lindblum
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Well, I haven't played FF9, but I know what you're talking about, that doesn't answer my question. Starlight's CM floated over Canterlot in general, not specifically the castle. What made this time different from the time Pinkie and Rarity were summoned to Canterlot city?
F-ishyCookies's avatar
Wait but season EIGHT is coming! You need to finish this comic!
MichaelJohnMorris's avatar
Holy-Angel-Mithos's avatar
I'd wished they would have killed her. T_T
FEqBrony's avatar
Hey Starlight, can I have your autograph
*Holds out Deathnote*
Duskdraak's avatar
Love how they perfectly display how the viewers feel toward the artist.
rautamiekka's avatar
Since DA chokes on your comic when trying to create a preview thumbnail, could you make one from some midway frame instead please ?
LionPatriot's avatar
Yes, destroy that insolent pony. She must be destroyed.Rainbow Dash Planning Something Evil (Emoticon) 
CutiesCatto's avatar
Run, Starlight! Run!!! And yeah after this you're succeed on yer diet plan, Starlight. Hahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahha ....... ( evil laugh)Sweating a little... Smiley soleil - Sun :satanoid: 
Starlight Glimmer (I CREATED HARMONY!) plz : What!?
Me : Yeah, you're dieting right?
Starlight Glimmer (true friendship) plz : Oh. Oh, yeah  
TheNonArtist64's avatar
Me: They're better ways to do that Starlight.

Starlight: But this is way faster!
CutiesCatto's avatar
Starlight Glimmer Icon : And you can't stop me ... 

Pinkie Pie EyeFlutter : Starlight? Stahp. 
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