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Rarity, Get Your Sword! Part 2

Here is the first part by :iconpony-berserker:…

Here is the third part, written by us :icondoublewbrothers: and :iconpony-berserker: together. Art by :iconpony-berserker:…

To part 4!:

Here we have even part 4.5!:…

To part 5: Link

To part 6: Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 6)

To part 7: saturdaymorningproj.deviantart…

To part 8:…

To part 8.5:…

It took long, but finally here is, what should have been the 1500 watchers special. After we asked for ideas for this celebration comic, we chose the "Rarity vs Crab" theme (suggested by Pony-Berserker).
As an extra, we decided to continue the celebration comic he made when he reached 1500 watchers.

Thank you all! :D

If you want Rarity from panel 17 as a stand-alone, you can get her here:…
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First sweetie belle is like: "this crab is my friend, I'm gonna name him tom"

Then she's like: "aw yeah rarity, go ahead and kill tom!"

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Wait wheres the first one
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The first part was done by Pony-Berserker:

Rarity, Get Your Sword!
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This Comic Just AWAKE My Brain.
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Oh that 2nd last frame is epic
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rarity the savage...
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[Crab] But I only live to serve you!
[Sweetie Belle] Yeah, who cares. Prepare to die and pay for your crimes!
[Crab] You asked me to do this!
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“Dude,you are done for.”
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Esto va a ser una carnicería.
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hit the weak spot to do extra damage
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a giant enemy crab
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I have to say, Rarity looks great in the Kratos style.
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Top 10 Anime Battles
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I think I see what you did there with Panels 5 and 6! XD
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She was right! That is the damn perfect outfit!
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lol i couldn't stop laughing when they were chasing diamond tiara and silver spoon XD
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Who does this "for fun"? I honestly think it's quite annoying going to a picture and it being spammed everywhere. and It's been around a month since you said you'd take the comment down Chain Email Moveing Stop Sign 
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Zzzzzzzz.......... go tell someone who gives a s**t.
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It isn't fun. You're spoiling other people's fun,nit creating any. And be careful who you call immature or pubescent without checking their profile.
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