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:iconlovablemaudplz: I'm so stoned!

:iconpinkamenatwitchplz: Imagine we all are part of a TV show for little girls... that is watched by grown men... creeeepy.

Season 5 Comic Marathon

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Did the cookies come with Milk Plus by chance?

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Smoke weed every day!

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Magic can definitely be bad, if not dangerous for your health...but it makes it seem to appealing through the wholesome interactions between most of the mares

Kiddknuckle: Wait a minute, gimme those cookies! He said as he take one and sniffed them.

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Ah, yes, Enhanced Brownies... I mean Cookies.

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AJ: Choco chips, baking powder ,sugar, milk

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Pinkie Pie is the true Element of Marijuana, it's obvious. 🙂

No preview available

Treehugger hugging Fluttershy was a nice touch


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Magic is addictive!

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my little pony: magic is weed

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OMG and again that creepface from Twilight. And to think of her someday ruling equestria... it scares me.

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Discord's using verbal contractions here.

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Woah! Everyone is high as....wait, did Pinkie say she can see us?
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ummm..... uh oh it's pinkie!!!!!


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That is so funny! Magic Mushrooms in cookies. That is hilarious! Just hope it doesn’t end up like this.

I am disturbed because this all sorts of wrong on so many levels and love it

What are they on good god

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I'm sad to say, but I am among the guilty men who still watch it with their 4 year old sister.

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Your folks have some remarkable spacing going on there. 18 for you, 40 for her?
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ah Sh... Pinky sees us... time to HIDE!

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you know man pinkie can broke the 4th wall and do anything

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I know. She is an Agent of Chaos.

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