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Luna Land Episode 2.0

LL Episode 2.0

And so Luna's quest continues. Is it a folly? Does she bite more of then she can chew? Can she proof that she is the cutest princess?

All yes!

If you too want to join and become a citizen of Luna Land, then you can do that by supporting us on patreon.
Any help is appreciated, and all ponies are welcome, because Luna sees all equal... beneath her.

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GalaxyPenguin64's avatar

That Face..

(panel 17)

I Hate It..

Darkaito's avatar

did this continue?

imperialsword's avatar

no there loads more and very slowly more coming out there just not linked here

Shame this stopped, would have been interesting to see where this story leads.

MathBrony's avatar

I laughed so hard when Ardent's back went out after dodging that kick.

Herobrine1087's avatar

The funniest part is when he couldn't move and broke his back. Oh how fun would it of been if there was a crack when it happened

Biker-Dash's avatar
Please tell me the story doesn't end there?
rautamiekka's avatar
There's a link missing in the description.
Hell-vo's avatar
That's because it's not complete!
rautamiekka's avatar
True, but that's not the problem. The problem is this page makes it look like the series died on this page.
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Oh god, Luna's face at panel 17!! XD
Celebi734's avatar
evangelian007's avatar
Luna's pretty much insane.......and I love it.:crazy:
meiyeezhu's avatar
Lobsters can also live immortal lives (we just haven't found them yet)
Saiyanstrong's avatar
Well played indeed.
ponymanpoland's avatar
is it gonna be continued?
Americaiuno's avatar
I would love to see more of this!
Garbagelogic95's avatar
Can you make 17 and 22 into wallpapers? Please. Luna's faces are soo funny.
Magicpony45's avatar
That was amazing.
Archemios's avatar
Wow. This whole series has been gold so far. Then again, considering the creator, I shouldn't be surprised.
Well, sheeeeet. I was just getting into this and it suddenly stops. :/
Luna's facial expressions are giving Saitaima's a run for his money. XD  
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