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Luna Land Episode 13

It's time for things to continue.

If you too want to join and become a citizen of Luna Land, then you can do that by supporting us on patreon.
Any help is appreciated, and all ponies are welcome, because Luna sees all equal... beneath her.

Also visit the Luna Land discord if you dare:
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It doesn't let me zoom in to read it
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How can you think Nene threw that rock when

1) she's an Earth pony

2) her hooves were crossed all the time

3) you absolutely could see her throwing it if she did


I have a policy of not staying anywhere that the landscape is actively trying to make me leave.
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Maud is surprised Rock and roll 
Crydius's avatar
That is a VERY big pebble.
Galaxina-the-Magi's avatar
Or a VERY small boulder.
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Why does Nene have such a cute pout?

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Well, on the upside...she's about to go down a couple dress sizes. :P
Techgear's avatar
Pebbles are rebelling.
ChevalierPatate's avatar
little pebble incoming!
Bandicoot-Sauce's avatar
Everything changed when the rock nation attacked!

Looking at you, Maud Pie! Lol!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar

When earth benders attack!

SondowverDarKRose's avatar
what about that giant pepple?
AJR001's avatar
Famous last words before getting crushed... :XD::XD:
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I just got smacked in the f***in' face man >_< 
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Oh Murphy, you sly bastard...

Freakster00f's avatar
...Why am I hearing Dio right now?
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It's probably just migrating Rock Trolls.
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Pfffffft hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaa

Grogar 3 by EmperorGrogar  

Misery brings me joy.
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