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Luna Land Episode 0.5



LL Episode 0.5

Alrighty, here you have the prelude to our new series.

As you might know, this is a series that will feature OC's of our patrons as the main, side and background characters alongside Luna.
The reason this is a prelude is, because this one doesn't feature any OC's.

SO, Yeah. Use this as an entry point to the story. All OC's will be introduced whenever they have a bigger role to play, so when somepony enters the focus, you don't have to ask youreself 'Do I know that one?'.

So we humbly ask that you give this series a chance. We will handle it like we handle all of our content.

If you too want to join and become a citizen of Luna Land, then you can do that by supporting us on patreon.
Any help is appreciated, and all ponies are welcome, because Luna cares...        ...only about having more than Celestia.

Our Patreon:
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Why is Celestia such an asshole?