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Kick Ass Spike

Commissioned by :iconbonesatellite:

This is a more realistic approach for Spike to be a hero. Though he doesn't have pain resistance, he still has heat resistance.

And he can count on Hit-Ember to have his back against all kinds of...  sanitary tools.

If you want to commission something, you'll find the info right here:…

Don't be shy. Commission away!
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What A SPIKEY Parody.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
ringsandamiss007's avatar
We got the Badass King and Hit-Ber Lady.
JAAMTheArtist's avatar
That´s so Perfect
Altikat's avatar
They always say don't keep your head in the bucket. But why is it that buckets always get instantly glued to feet?
WickedHex's avatar
XD Love that movie!
Envirotech's avatar
hehe poor Humdrum,err.. hehe XD oh that's right it's Kick Ass XD
141188's avatar
Adorable :D FAVE
aqdrobert's avatar
Yankee Doodle Donkey wonders why Spike wants to kick him...
khunt778's avatar
really nigga xD
arseck's avatar
una perfecta descripción XD
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:iconspikerageplz: :iconsays3plz: Come on, you friggin' bucket! LET GO!

:iconprincessemberplz: :iconsays3plz: Can this Nightmare night date get ANY worse!? :iconnotimpressedplz:
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Ember is not impressed. XD
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Given that he can breathe fire hot enough to melt metal and in large enough quantities to rapidly melt an iceberg Spike is really more fire lad.…

(Or he would be if the writers gave half a fuck about continuity. :D )
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
More like kicking the bucket! Haha! Ok I make bad jokes.
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*picking myself up off the floor after ROFLing*
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Or maybe Spike just screwed up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ice Bucket challenge fail emote on left Epic Fail

Eyes rolling Spike "..."!
Ikarooz's avatar
see the picture and think
"spike as kickass, looks like a commission for bone satellite"

click the deviantart link and look at the info
"haHAAAA! :D:D"
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