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IT has returned

Celestia: "I hope he brought some photos!"

This is a reference to the beginning of S3E01 "The Crystal Empire" and
Stephen Kings "It". The Clown is Pennywise from the movie-version (played by Tim Curry).
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It: "Do you have a Prince Albert in a can?"

Ponies: "No, we never had a price"

It: "...really?"

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F*cking Old Clown.
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Discord, "HEY! THIS IS MY SHOW!" 
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Omg Lyra's expression is priceless!!! XDDDD
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Shouldn’t it be called IT is here?
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Im not clowning around 
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O.M.G That is hilarious:-)
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Seriously it is, and Pinkie Pie is laughing at Pennywise just like in this video: That's why I'm looking at the picture and listening to Pinkie's laughter from the video at the same time.
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Pinkie Pie seems to love Pennywise more than anyone else does.  I also found her cosplaying Pennywise and standing in the sewer pit like Pennywise in these four pictures and that one video clip from the movie: 'You'll Float, Too.' (Contest Entry+Speedpainting) by LupiArts Pinkiewise Pennypie You'll Smile Too! (IT mlp) by rainkingking Pinkiewise the dancing pony clown by TheFoxlover16 Pinkiewise  (It + My little pony) by Kasocora   If you're that good of a drawer, how about Sailor Moon cosplaying her own female version of '90's Pennywise and standing in the sewer pit?  If you do, just like where you saw "Pinkiewise the Dancing Pony Clown," how about calling her "Moonywise the Dancing Sailor Clown?"  I even saw Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons replacing Pennywise on the IT title here:  KRUSTIT by XAMOEL   And if you draw Sailor Moon replacing Pennywise, how about "SAILOR IT" just like where you see "KRUSTIT?"  Because I'm not that good of a drawer.  And I want to share those kinds of pictures with Copy-Double-Sight really really badly.  Because she loves Sailor Moon and I love Pennywise and we want to see both our interests mixed together as one shared interest to come even more closer together.  So thanks.
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I had a dream about Stephen King's It last night.  Pennywise (the Tim Curry version) kept trying to bite me for some reason.  But he and I somehow had similar interests (non-violent ones, of course), so we had a temporary truce.  He was ultimately defeated by vampires, and one of the female vampires tried to bite me as well, although I wouldn't let her.  It was one weird dream.  :P
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I'm not a brony but this is hilarious.
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:iconpennywiseplz: Celestia, aren't ya gonna say...hello? :D

:iconprincesscelestiaplz: *laser beams him right through his heart*

:iconpennywiseplz: *while dying* I'm still better than the new guy!!
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