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Fluttershy Simulator

That's Flutters for you. ;-)

Go and vote for who of these adorable Ponies you want to see next in a simulator.
Link's here: (Poll closed. Luna won.)

Check out the other Ponies!
Discord:    Vinyl and Octavia:      Sunstet Shimmer:        Lyra:
     Discord Simulator by doubleWbrothers                       Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Simulator by doubleWbrothers                                Sunset Shimmer Simulator by doubleWbrothers                          Lyra Simulator by doubleWbrothers
(More coming soon.)
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That was soooo cuuuute🥰🥰🥰
charlesharwick's avatar

I love how the "fanbase" is all adults

firezndragonz's avatar

Fluttershy is best pony. I even got her as my profile picture, just EQG though.

CocoCandy2007's avatar

I was like the mob when Discord betrayed them

Roseblite2's avatar
OMG, when I saw the SNAP and an Apple, an Flyttershy turned to FlutterBat, I was like YAY! Then the bite, an the rest, an yeah the LAST panel... yep I was like the other characters. Loved it.
Fluttershy is so adorable
GumballFan333's avatar
Those Fluttershy's Fans Gives Me Nightmares.
FeildMarshallWolf's avatar
Love how it depicts an entire fandom if they see something feel bad and they blame it on the person in POV.
NightFuryTerritory's avatar
even a grown man can't...............
TheBrickBasher's avatar
... man-handle this stuff...
BlackFinSwampert's avatar

I need a mop to get my melted heart off the floor now...
ButtonRush's avatar
If she did that for me in reality, I’d probably blush hard, and faint from having my fictional GF kissing me. And probably go unconscious for a day.
ButtonRush's avatar
I have achieved “Mood” and “Comedy”!
JDavidBrony's avatar
Fluttershy for the win! :D
Llamagal21's avatar
This just goes to show that you’d never survive an angry hoard of bronies by yourself 
CaptainShip101's avatar
Unless, i brought a weapon. Fulttershy herself
This is a nice comic. I’m loving the heck out of panel four! 🥰
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You might want to check the bot. It sended the message twice
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