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And that's a wrap. The season 5 marathon is over!

It sure was a load of work. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it.
Now it's time to wait for the next season.

In this comic we have also "hidden" Dr. Wolf, our favorite mlp reviewer.…

Season 5 Comic Marathon

Ep1&2     Ep3     Ep4     Ep5....  More here:…
  Smile by doubleWbrothers     Home by doubleWbrothers    Dream by doubleWbrothers   Grief by doubleWbrothers

Final by DaWillstanator
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Gotta agree with spike…cuweird

Imagine if this was one of the deleted endings for the season 5 finale if there were a deleted endings for it. Also poor Starlight Glimmer, her fillyhood was rough starting at that moment, I also want to hug and comfort her now.



Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Give Hugs To Her To Make Her Feel Better. :hug:2 rvmp

twilight sparkle (i love you) plz Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Ok.

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Somepony create fanfic fron this

Ok, the Stone Spike had me cracking up.

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super cuweird

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I love time Tavel

There is a fanfiction that has this exact situation. Only the Starlight from the original timeline fades away and Twilight adopts her.

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Can you send the link to it?

I would like to read it!

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Forget about surrogate sister, now Twilight has an adopted daughter

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Ok this is a new history😳
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I honestly agree with spike

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But this is much much much better than the canon finale. B-) :headbang: :#1:

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Is this a happy ending or a sad ending?

It's an ending and that's enough.

It's sad and happy. It's sappy.

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Attack on Titan one wasn't funny. Rest is though.

this reminds me of a fan-story, part of a crazy collab on FimFiction called "mlp time loops", where Twilight simply stepped forward and told young Starlight, "don't just stand there, go after him!"

this DID prevent Starlight from going bad...but everything that happened AFTER the S5 finale went VERY wrong! the Crystal empire was destroyed,and i think the changelings conquered Equestria...

later Twilight yells, "I BUCKING HATE TIME TRAVEL!"

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I want to read that fanfic, I love Starlight glimmer timetravel fanfics.

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and twilight took both starlights to the present and they lived happily ever after

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Wouldn't that be a time paradox that shatters the space time continuum?

redenginebobby's avatar

well starlight is OP so she can fix the time as well

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