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Discord Simulator

There it is.
It took a while to get to it (lot's,lot's,LOT's of work), and we're sorry about that.
Enjoy the spirit of chaos.

Go to the poll and choose who will get a Simulator next!
(Poll Closed/Vinyl&Octi won)

Here's a dub by :iconndlmongoose:…

Check out the other Ponies!
Vinyl and Octavia:
            Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Simulator by doubleWbrothers

Sunset Shimmer:
            Sunset Shimmer Simulator by doubleWbrothers

            Lyra Simulator by doubleWbrothers

(More coming soon...)
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This is awesome and hilarious. Discord never ceases to amaze. XD <3

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this is amazing i am stunned

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"AHH! TOO LANCIE!!!" Love it!

Also, what were we expecting from the Spirit of Chaos himself?

Alex-Canine845's avatar

Discord is using verbal contractions.

JadeHarmony's avatar

He's using verbal contractions here.

EnriqueLezcano-1993's avatar

If the human hadn't allowed Luna to snatch Celestia filly from him, her end would have been better here.

koschyy's avatar
Summoning multiple versions of oneself... is Discord basically Q here?
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I Can't - Riker Laughing Data Damn... Picard Nope Icon Discord (idea evil) plz

Computer, end program.

Computer: ARCH!

Computer, end program.


Command override! Authorization: Picard!

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i have no words to describe how chaotic this is

XxBlizzardFoxX's avatar
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Chester A Bum Goose!

SlainetheArtist's avatar

First of all, Discord, thanks for changing me into a pony, I always wanted to fit in Equestria, but...I don't think putting me in Equestria Girls was necessarily. But to be fair, you are the symbol of chaos, so that makes sense and don't worry, that doesn't change my opinion about you, you will forever be one of my favorite character who is not a pony.

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I want this to be an actual simulation!!

ponetester-gallop's avatar
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His voice actor gets a cameo AHAHAHA I CANT EVEN BREATHE
strongbad-joe132's avatar
Did I just see a Picture of Discord's voice actor?
ihatesuicidemouse's avatar
I like how you put the FNaF plushies into slide 13
GumballFan333's avatar
Those Discord Transformations Gives Me Nightmares.
Apigirl000's avatar
I don't get it... and I don't want to.
SonicTAlicorn's avatar
The best simulator, hands down. No pun intended. XD
SwiftgaiatheBrony's avatar
Best Simulator comic you guys made yet 
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
Every panel just oozed with Discord zaniness, I loved it.
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