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I had to laugh when they declared war on Equestria. Even if these Yaks would possess Magic, they could never match an Alicorn princess. Twilight was even so kind to show us what the combined strength of four Alicorns could do (Which was as strong as the combined strength of all ponies in Equestria plus Discord.)

Season 5 Comic Marathon

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Dub: Diplomacy by Magpiepony
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I love dbz and dbgt and dbs
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age of empires 3 anybody

Fire Mortar

North cowrea: oh shit

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They’re going dragon ball Z
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Kill North Korea next lol
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This Is The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Your Enemies. At Least...
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See, you say that...but now that I think about it, considering how much of a hair trigger the yaks had for declaring war, and how it was clearly indicated that the ponies and the yaks hadn't been on very good terms before now, surely they had almost certainly tried to declare war on Equestria before.

If so...then clearly they survived it just fine. So maybe it's not the ponies we should be fearing here... ;)

The ponies befriended discord, and Celestia was trying to be diplomatic. More likely the ponies are overpowered pacifists.

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"Not for long"

Laughing Bakura icon

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Meanwhile in the afterlife...

Yaks: Note to yaks, do NOT make white Princess pony angry... ^^;
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Random Yak: Yaks all have wings because yaks are deader than wasteland that used to be home. Facepalm 
Yona:...yona now sad."
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Don't try to befriend Mars, then a War of the Worlds would happen
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So I wonder how much the Equestrian parliament was arguing about that flame wall and whether they should support it financially... was it too much of a pain on the Equestrian taxpayers or was it vital to their border security?
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Did... Did she just do a sing-song retort after pulling a Tera-Graviton blast?
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So did they just give the Yaks a "Pow! Right in the kisser!"?
real funny
but I would probably enjoy it a lot more if I felt the she could actually do this
I mean you don't get your butt handed to by a bug queen (charged on love or not) and then expect people to believe you have the power to vaporize counties.
chrysalis has shown shes in the same general ballpark as PC, so if the princess can do that whats stopping chrysie from doing this too?
just be sneaky and drain a few ponies, start CHARGING YA LAZOR, fry ponyvile, and boom no more elements or starlight glimmer.
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oh it work not so good agains zebras
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Pretty much what would've happened as magic is the only thing that seems to stop any other magic..
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I wouldn't just blast North Cowrea out of the blue. You might set off their secret hoard of Mukes.
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