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Derpy Simulator

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Published: April 29, 2014
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The one who sent that mean letter was found buried in plushies.
He rose from his soft grave and is one of us now.
One of us.

Go to the poll and choose who will get a Simulator next!
(Poll closed/ Chrysalis won)

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(More coming soon.)
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CocoCandy2007Student Digital Artist

That hater... I will haunt them for the rest of their days

GumballFan333's avatar
Those HATER Letters Gives Me Nightmares.
SwiftgaiatheBrony's avatar
Most heartwarming simulator!
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Llamagal21Hobbyist Artist
Fleetwing13's avatar
Fleetwing13Hobbyist Digital Artist

good job!

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Guyman543212345Hobbyist Artist
Hey look it's a single peice of paper that says retard
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mechatrain150Student Traditional Artist
me seeing the note from the haters: Freak Out!

me at the last pannel: MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad 
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TheNorthRemembers3Hobbyist Digital Artist
Derpys Awesome. 
She's my spirit pony. 
IndonesiaRailroadPht's avatar
IndonesiaRailroadPhtHobbyist Digital Artist
imagine this is StormFX3's Video
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
I swear, when I find whoever called Derpy a retard, I WILL SEND THEM TO THE MOON!!!

Also, that's Dinky for you...cheering her momma up!
Guyman543212345's avatar
Guyman543212345Hobbyist Artist
Im pretty sure he lives in Utah
ChaosJay7's avatar
Don't taint Luna's moon with that bastard's presence!
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
Alright, then I'll send him to the Sun instead!
ChaosJay7's avatar
Don't taint Celestia's sun with his presence, either!
Camewrig599's avatar
whoever called her a retard, im gonna kill them. She best pony ever.:CoreGetsDanceLessons: 
Guyman543212345's avatar
Guyman543212345Hobbyist Artist
Look in Utah
Thunderlime374's avatar
Thunderlime374Hobbyist Artist
My favourite Derpy pony, she is the best pony EVER!

How dare ya making best pony cry... You're dead Hater!!!! DIE!!!!! *grabs shotgun and shoots hater*
ChaosJay7's avatar
AIR BOMB!! (flies over hater, dropping grenades on it)
Thunderlime374's avatar
Thunderlime374Hobbyist Artist
The haters must die!
Mlpfanalltheway156's avatar
Mlpfanalltheway156Hobbyist Writer
Do yall got any mean letter's now?YEAH, FOR YOUR SAKE, LET'S HOPE NOT!
Mlpfanalltheway156's avatar
Mlpfanalltheway156Hobbyist Writer
Haters, get ready to fight, because NO ONE messes with DERPY!NO ONE!Attack Mode Rainbow Dash Flippy and a machine gun icon Celestia ATTACK MODE=ME!     Star Tracker Yep plz Pinkie is crying :iconpinkamenacryingplz:=YOU COWARDS!!!!!   Blushy Pony Derpy Emote icon=A HAPPY DERPY!NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT MY PONY< or you will see a girl with a gun in your room!   
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