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Chrysalis Simulator

You had it coming...

Go to the poll and choose who will get a Simulator next!
(Poll closed/Celestia won!)

Check out the other Ponies!
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     Discord Simulator by doubleWbrothers                      Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Simulator by doubleWbrothers                                Sunset Shimmer Simulator by doubleWbrothers                        Lyra Simulator by doubleWbrothers
(More coming soon...)
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Man Queen Chrysalis is so cute

aqdrobert's avatar

OCELLUS Thorax (Surprisingly) Queen-Chrysalis-Gasp

NO! Stop sending SO MUCH LOVE...

What are you doing to my hive, you IDIOT?

SeaTurtleSoundtracks's avatar
Wallaroo's avatar

Oh crap! Now you've done it!

Now her friends want in on that action!

ponetester-gallop's avatar

This is one of the best Queen Chrysalis comic in history.

terjeaasheim's avatar
CocoCandy2007's avatar

This is... SO CUTE!!!

Guyman543212345's avatar
I'll eat you, and take a bite out of that shit you call a heart!
Roseblite2's avatar
Dawww, then the rest of them show up... YIPE.
Ankuran-Dreams's avatar

From that day forward, Anon became a slave to the hive

GumballFan333's avatar
Those Changelings Gives Me Nightmares.
Skijarama's avatar
Last Frame: "Uuuuuhhhhh!"
strongbad-joe132's avatar
I love the Fluffy Puff transformation.
shvique's avatar
Yeesh!  That final frame!  :o (Eek)   "Feeding time!"
ihatesuicidemouse's avatar
Nice reference to Yum Heart in Slide 19
OI-Mays-McMuffin-IO's avatar
These are so cringy. But in a good way.
HyoryuArtist's avatar
XD Have a Poke-Heart. It's yummy!

Like the Pokemon Amie (also known as Refresh).
TheNasuBrony's avatar
oh gonna need more love.
MCDogWarrior's avatar
LotusMoon93's avatar
Can I please make a video on this? It would be so adorable~
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