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COM Make new friends but keep discord

Commissioned by :iconhewytoonmore:

This time a comic commission. Let's see how you like it.

If you want to commission something, you'll find the info right here:…

Don't be shy. Commission away!
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Poor Celestia, after living for over 1 000 years basically everything gets boring, she just wanted something unconventional that wasn't boring for her...

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Well It's Clear That The Nightmare Animatronics "Broke Her Mind" XD

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Get out you wannabe Sans

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Or maybe she admits that this is too boring. Chaos really makes things exciting don’t you think?
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Celestia is a Crazy Bitch.
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She got get heip
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I think Twilight thwacked Celestia a little too hard on the head. With an ice sculpture. ^^;
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MLP in a straightjacket!!!!
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Cadance didn't go out of her way to bring the danger and excitement to a crowded ballroom full of civilians; that's the main difference here.
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>Magic-resistant ooze flooding a room and adhering all the guests
>Somepony nearly being permanently sent to another dimension

Should I get you a room near Celestia's at the asylum?
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When Cadance seeks excitement, she doesn't bring it to her empire; she LEAVES her empire to seek it out elsewhere, putting the thing she finds mundane out of harm's way.

When Celestia seeks excitement, she brings it TO the thing she finds mundane and forces it to become more exciting against her people's will.

This, I believe, is the reason for this comic's existence, and why people give Celestia a hard time while leaving Cadance alone.

Keep in mind when she did this too; not long before this gala, Discord had been helping Tirek steal the magic of everypony in Equestria. Yes, he learned his lesson, and yes, Celestia and the Mane Six forgave him for that, but I dunno how ready everypony else was to see him again in such a spotlight...
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True. But she did still seem to derive elation from an event that had terrorized and shaken up so many innocent gala-goers, specifically because ponies were put in harm's way. Even if no real damage was done ultimately, it's still an experience that many ponies were upset about, and Celestia's reaction was... maybe not so appropriate for everything those ponies had to go through. As if to say that it doesn't matter if anyone else is having a good time at the Gala, as long as just Celestia is.

At least when Cadance did it, the only other pony affected by the experience was Twilight, who had established she was more upset about disappointing Cadance than anything, and Cadance said what she said to put Twilight's mind at ease. It's a very different circumstance.
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