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CMC Simulator

After a long wait, it is finally here.
Considering the newest CMC episode, we decided to seize the opportunity and combine the simulator with the season 5 marathon.
Have fun, and sorry that it took so long

As always here you can vote for the next one:
(Poll closed / Lyra won)

Check out the other Ponies!
 Discord Simulator by doubleWbrothers
Vinyl Scratch and Octavia:
Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Simulator by doubleWbrothers
Sunset Shimmer:
Sunset Shimmer Simulator by doubleWbrothers
Lyra Simulator by doubleWbrothers
(More coming soon...)

Season 5 Comic Marathon

Ep1&2     Ep3     Ep4     Ep5....  More here:…
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TheAveragePencil2013's avatar

I was not ready for that ending man!

poteskiller's avatar

I still see it as an absolute win! I still get to pet fillies!!

Amongaflareon's avatar

So cute!!! Nice art. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy

djjsdn's avatar
I like this very much. Good job.

Will you ever do one with (The Great and Powerful) Trixie?
EFragata's avatar

I first read it in Korean, so I was guided only by the images ... I thought the ending had been something else. omg cry

Xenomorph566's avatar

I read the English version, I saw the last panel before finishing the one before the last one and thought a similar thing

1/10 not enough sayng CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS, YAY

hope you learn from your actions

SlainetheArtist's avatar

Man, I can't believe Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle would betray me like that and let Diamond Tiara own me. I hope they save me in the next part.

ponetester-gallop's avatar
GumballFan333's avatar
This Is Somehow Creepy As F***.
strongbad-joe132's avatar
What is it with Scootaloo and eating flesh?
Nonicle's avatar
from 1 to a 100 real quick
ilovedogsmhmmm's avatar

Me: awww how c-

Silver Spoon: you belong to me now!

me: :o

Marcohero123's avatar

that's Dimond tiara

strongbad-joe132's avatar
I love the guy holding Sweetie Belle like a baby.
Zeflefer's avatar

"you belong to me now" ...noice

ButtonRush's avatar
FastFlame3549's avatar
*Dies of cuteness overload*
BestOfWatchers's avatar


DustyDuchess's avatar
OwO the cutenessssss!!!!
Gremmey's avatar
this is just cute uwu Screamb (F2U) 
SussyArtz21's avatar
If I were this hand, I would punch Diamond Tiara. >:3
MittensTheKitten100's avatar
>slaps sticker on, I CLAIM YOU NOW >: D
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