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:iconshiningarmorplz: "You want me to leave Cadence and live with you? Name me ONE good reason why I should do that!"

:iconchrysalisawesomeplz: "I can name you A MILLION..."

Season 5 Comic Marathon

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Dub: Baby by DaWillstanator
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Why are the children of shining armor and chrissi so darn cute I want one

If you excuse me im gonna kidnaps one of the bug bish's kids >:3

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Chrissi, oh dear.

Also has anyone mentioned the HUman Simulator yet? I love that little cameo appearence from it!

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Cadances face in panel 5 was like

"What The Heck Are You Kidding Me"

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not his first but would the queen really be so kind as to tell him?

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So funny! I was expecting him to rip out his mane hair like Homer Simpson.

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What kind of sperm does shining have?
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Jesus Christ, Shining Armor Had Babies With Chrysalis?!

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Why couldn’t this baby be cannon then that Mary Sue abominas
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I personally think Lovestruck is the result of chrysalis and shining armor. A love oriented white unicorn with green eyes and green magic? I think that explains everything. The pink mane is from chrysalis' disguise. XD
BrightBulb13's avatar

somehow I think that's how he really reacted at first

but I have to wonder where chrysalis hid all of her and shining armour's million babies

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Well...I guess I can’t blame Shining Armor for how he reacted at first...

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I can name you a million! YASYASYES!
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The babies are so cute!!! :3
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Damn you beat me too it, I wanted to say that!But yeah, they are adorable.
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Shining: One child? Yeeeaaah... about that...

Cadence: What?

Shining: ...

Cadence: Shining, What!?

Shining: Nothing, never mind.

Cadence: ...
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