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:icontwilightwhatplz: Spike! Why?

:icondude2plz: But Twilight! You're the one who hatched and raised me! Who else should I call that?

:icontwilightcryingplz: ..................

:icontwilighthappyplz: Come to mama!


Comic Dub by ObabScribbler…

Season 5 Comic Marathon

Ep1&2     Ep3     Ep4     Ep5....   More here:…
  Smile by doubleWbrothers     Home by doubleWbrothers    Dream by doubleWbrothers   Grief by doubleWbrothers  
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WOW! Did Hasbro get the idea of Spike's adult design in " The Last Problem" from you?

both are based on his chad-fantasy design from earlier episodes

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well this has made my day

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spike after watch jojo
Why does this look like season 9 spike
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Creepy creepy dog 🐕
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I can't believe how much this comic predicted the future of the show. Its ironically hilarious.
GumballFan333's avatar
Life Is ALSO A Dream, Remember Twilight?!
EruptionoftheFade's avatar
*glances at canon adult spike*
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Twilight's mouth has barely evolved into a donkey's!
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Im dying of cute, mind if my family buries me here? Lolol
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I hope you're happy, Princess Luna.
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T: Yeah?

Did Spike just call you...mama?

T: Well...I did-

Ap, Ap, Ap. C'mon. We're going with Dr.Wolf.
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I guess you could say Twilight had a SPIKE in terror.

...I'll just leave now.
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Shouldn't Spike have been calling Twilight mother from the start? If she raised him ever sense he was born doesn't that make her his mother?
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LOL poor Twilight... :XD:
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I knew whose comic it was before clicking the link from EQD, which is why I clicked. I can spot the signature WWBros style from a 10 pixel thumbnail, 300 ft away.  Forgot about this one but still a classic.  Thanks again for the 40th laugh Bros! 
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Spike reminds me of the image for Wolfenstien's easy mode. Think about it.
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That's exactly what I was thinking XD
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