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:iconangrytwilightplz: Why don't you just stop her, Discord?

:icondiscordismadplz: And how should I do that? Maybe if she were an orange or a grapefruit, but an apple! AN APPLE!

Season 5 Comic Marathon

Ep1&2     Ep3     Ep4     Ep5....  More here:…
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MadiO-ONotFound's avatar

AJs mum looking down at her like: 👁_👁💢

Eeveeborg's avatar

The Flim-Flam brothers lol!

Also, A, your mom was a pear...

Looks like the apple apocalypse has begun ok time for KAMIKAZE!!!!!!

andreanna2004's avatar

She got the "jack" removed from her name

Now she's just Apple

this is bad twilight:DISCORE

DiScOre:*truns into a book*

cheesegal's avatar
Oh boy, no one knew yet that Applejack's mom was a pear when this written 😆
TheGlacdious's avatar

AppleJack.The Destroyer Of Pears.

mrjesse300's avatar

Jesus's freaking Christ, how powerful are apples in equestria?!

Purpleclaritydimond's avatar

This is my favorite comic

GumballFan333's avatar
F***ing Discord.

That's Why I Don't EAT Apples Anymore.
Justin1019's avatar
But Applejack... you ARE a pear.
victorfazbear's avatar

Justin is right. Pear Butter is AJ's mother

Sebastian147's avatar
Ms-VerMa's avatar
Nice pun. Chapeau bas. Clap 
your mother is a pear!
FEqBrony's avatar
Applejack Shouting!MOTHER F-
Hasbro (2009) Icon:

Applejack smiling  nervously: ...farmer?
....she was gonna say mother farming
dbzgirl9's avatar
Not anymore she is a pear to XD
Frozarburst's avatar
What has he done..?!
MiralynnMage's avatar
She is now an Apple of Discord
camelliasalazar55555's avatar
I want a green apple now.

Turn me into a green one. :3
FireComicNotHard's avatar
Discord:mm kay

camelliasalazar55555's avatar
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