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About Spike and Rarity

Seems like Rarity cannot understand Spike`s true feelings.

Or maybe she understands them too well?

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was Luna about to snipe Neil Armstrong?

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Gonna stab her like varg did to Euronymous

imagine if this is a prank pulled by rarity lol

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Rarity Is Such A B*TCH.
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I loathe mlp and I agree that she is a F***ING B*TCH

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I Know, Right?

I'm A Fan Of MLP and Yes, Rarity Is A TOTAL Bitch!! >:(

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...Hey. I know this thing. 
I saw it in some random try not to laugh challenge on youtube. 
I don't know the link though. I'm not sure if it's even up anymore. 

But question: Why the help would a dragon fall in love with a horse? 
My guess is misguided morality. 
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Esto nunca deja de divertirme
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Wtf, bruh?!?! I love this!! X'DDD
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Funny. Very Funny.
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So Owlwishes did replace him
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Mmmmmhhh .... great Rarity ....
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lol what the F_UK
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Pinky sure regrets asking.
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why the heck does luna have gun 
She thought it was the astronauts screaming. So she decided to "put them out of their misery."
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Why is Luna gonna shoot those Astronauts?
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She thought they were the ones screaming, and decided to 'end their misery'.
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