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[DenNor] Tumblr Prompt #2
There is one use of the F word, but other than that, there are no other warnings. 
‘Be mine. Please.’
It’s easy, right? That’s all Matthias had to say. It wasn’t that hard!
Staring at his reflection in the mirror of his bathroom, his sudden confidence crumbled and he groaned loudly. No… it wasn’t easy. It was the hardest thing in the world to say! Who was he kidding? This was Lukas they were talking about… The most unreadable man on the planet at times. There was no way in hell that Matthias was going to be able to confess with a simple, ‘Be mine. Please.’
Sucking in a deep breath, Matthias fixed his hair, ran his hands over his face and groaned loudly into them once more. Why did I have to fall in love with the most “argh” person in the world? Just my bloody luck… Ha, what gives that he actually doesn’t feel the same way about me? How humiliating would that be? God damn it
:icondoubleox515:doubleox515 6 9
[SuFin] Tumblr Prompt #1 (Soulmate AU)
Today I learnt his name.
The letters were thick and black, a scrawl that lined the inside of Tino’s wrist. He had been only thirteen when the words appeared, and they had served to be a distraction and the source of curious musings well past midnight. Three years later, Tino still hadn’t discovered what the words meant, or what kind of person his soulmate was in order to say such words.
Of course, there had been several heart-stopping moments where Tino had been certain that he had just spoken to his soulmate. His resolve only dropped when he realised that he hadn’t. The longer time went, the more frustrated he became. His friends had all found their soulmates… What was taking his so long?
Walking into his classroom for his first class of the year, being hit fully by the loud chattering as people talked of their holidays and greeted one another after two months apart, Tino saw some familiar faces. None of his regular cohort shared his English class
:icondoubleox515:doubleox515 5 4
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Epilogue
March, 1920
It was a partially sunny Friday afternoon. The Bondevik garden looked exquisite, the flowers in full bloom and the rays of sunlight bouncing off the petals. The entire place was dressed in white, decorated with garlands and sheer curtains. People were dotted amongst the expanse of grass, talking animatedly as they discussed the event that was being held that day. Lukas spoke with a few of them, smiling brighter than he had in his life. It was a day neither him nor Maren had expected to occur, but it was certainly going to be one they would remember for the rest of their lives.
He was feeling nervous, that much was certain, but he was also terribly excited. To think that all those months of waiting and staking out the worst had come to this… Lukas’ mind was still reeling from it. He was grateful that he and Maren had been lucky when it had come to the court hearing…
It had taken until October 1919 for the police to finalise all the evidence and to ac
:icondoubleox515:doubleox515 2 13
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 14 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 2
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 13 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 2 7
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 12 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 4
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 11 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 3
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 10 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 3
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 9 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 2 3
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 8 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 2 5
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 7 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 5
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 6
March, 1919, London
Leaving the station, with the train retreating with a shrill whistle, Lukas took in a deep breath of London air. Taking in his surroundings, Lukas couldn’t quite believe that barely anything had changed in the past four years, since he had left that very station in 1915. Shrugging his bag strap further up his shoulder, he ventured off onto the footpath, watching some of the other soldiers parting ways and heading home.
Home for Lukas wasn’t too far from the station, but since it was a rather calm day—though a bit chilly—he decided to go for a walk, to take in London after being away from it for so long. It was amazing how much he had missed the place, missed the bustling people going to and fro, missed the colours of the autumn, the crispness of the air… yet he missed nothing and no one more than Maren.
While he had hoped that her trip back home had been a safe one with no complications, Lukas had dreadfully pined for her. Yet de
:icondoubleox515:doubleox515 4 5
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 5 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 7
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 4 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 2 4
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 3 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 2 2
Mature content
[DenNor] The Swan and the Nightingale - Chapter 2 :icondoubleox515:doubleox515 1 8


JungKook of BTS, Kpop by Mim78 JungKook of BTS, Kpop :iconmim78:Mim78 78 7 Love Wins by MythFish Love Wins :iconmythfish:MythFish 7 2 Friction Fanart [Story Layout] by JazzLassie6020 Friction Fanart [Story Layout] :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 49 9 NORDIC FIVE UNITE! [Fanfic Friction] by JazzLassie6020 NORDIC FIVE UNITE! [Fanfic Friction] :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 77 36 Sehun from EXO, Kpop by Mim78 Sehun from EXO, Kpop :iconmim78:Mim78 72 16 V aka Taehyung, BTS, K-Pop by Mim78 V aka Taehyung, BTS, K-Pop :iconmim78:Mim78 198 23
A Beginner's Guide on Pricing
I've been asked a handful of times the question every person selling their skills wonders: How do I price my commissions? I've heard from many people on this subject, and since writing this guide back in 2015, I have a better understanding of how a person should price their writing.
The biggest question you should ask yourself is this: Am I writing for fun or do I need money for bills / school / etc? This is the main factor that should determine what you charge.
For example, for my commissions, I charge 4 USD / 400:points: per 1,000 words because of one main thing: I write for the fun of it, not because I need money for bills or any other financial need. My paypal is also not connected to my bank, so any funds I get from writing are used for online transactions.
I encourage every writer to charge what they feel comfortable with. If you feel your writing is worth the big bucks, go ahead and charge that. If you're still learning and want a little extra pocket change, plus i
:iconwriting-commissions:Writing-Commissions 60 87
A Beginner's Guide :: Literary Commissions
This guide was written a little over three years ago, so it was in need of an overhaul. With more commissions under my belt, I feel I'm more justified in writing this guide for newbies who are wanting to sell their skills but have no idea where to start.
If pricing is more what you're looking for, we have a guide on that as well! You can view it by following this link:
The Important Things
When you're considering to sell your skills, there's something you should ask yourself: Why am I opening up commissions? Do you want to get more experience when it comes to writing another person's ideas, or simply for the fun you get from writing and hey, if you get extra money on the side, that's awesome too? Perhaps you need the money to pay for unexpected expenses or the joys of adulthood, aka bills. This is something that not will not only reflect what you price your writing, but also how much enjoyment you'll get from bringing a commissioner's ideas to life.
:iconwriting-commissions:Writing-Commissions 160 126
rkgk chibi Den by 10-shiki rkgk chibi Den :icon10-shiki:10-shiki 122 21 Reflect the Dark Pages 105-116 by JazzLassie6020 Reflect the Dark Pages 105-116 :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 50 51
Using the word 'Frau'
*SIGHS* As native German-speaker I feel it is my duty to point it out that you're almost all using this word incorrectly. 
"Frau". A lot of fanfics use it as - what? - a pet name for women? That is not how this word works.
Frau literally means "woman" or "Ms."
Polite ways to use "Frau":
Frau Schmidt = Ms. Schmidt; Frau Lehrerin = Ms. teacher; Frau Doktor = Ms. doctor (add it before a female's last name or profession and it's similar to the Japanese "-san")
Neutral ways to use "Frau"
Another way to use it is when you're referring to somebody's wife or as short form of "Ehefrau" which means wife: Hast du Ludwigs Frau gesehen? - Did you see Ludwig's wife? / Die Frau des Bürgermeisters ist schwanger. - The mayor's wife is pregnant. 
It can also just mean "woman": Die Frau hat ein schönes Kleid an. - The woman is wearing a pretty dress. / Es ist nicht immer leicht eine Frau zu sein.
:iconchihuay:chihuay 37 64
Friction sketch by starfruit-anon Friction sketch :iconstarfruit-anon:starfruit-anon 12 7
Nordic Coffee Weekend
- - - | Nordic Coffee Weekend | - - -
This particular summer week our favorite Nordic nations had decided to take the oppurtunity to visit and have a relaxing weekend at Norway’s house, and so Denmark arrived already at Friday morning, hiding from his boss so he didn’t need to begin working on the new pile of paperwork just before the weekend, while Norway actually finished all of his own paperwork in time and was already free from work for the day.
Later in the evening a tired Finland and Iceland eventually seperatly arrived after they had finished their own work. In contrast Sweden was forced to call and tell everyone he would be late, and was then only able to stumble inside Norway’s house, absolutly exhausted, sometime after midnight because of an emergency situation in Stockholm. Thankfully most of the rainy Saturday was spent in the sofa relaxing though, and so even Sweden was able to to look somewhat awake the next day. Well, with some help.
”How m
:icon95jezzica:95Jezzica 2 8
Kotaro Bokuto - Haikyuu!! by Laovaan Kotaro Bokuto - Haikyuu!! :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,593 53 First Flight (APH Iceland) by JazzLassie6020 First Flight (APH Iceland) :iconjazzlassie6020:JazzLassie6020 192 43 aph (chibi) DenNor  CHU by 10-shiki aph (chibi) DenNor CHU :icon10-shiki:10-shiki 151 17

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Vladica (or Lemon/Oxie)
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Hey! I'm Vladica (pronounced Vla-di-tsa, or as my dear friend once said, "pronounce it like you're a vampire!") but you guys can call me V or Oxie ^ ^
I write sometimes.
Currently on a huge hiatus due to university and zero inspiration.

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Who's your BTS bias? My ultimate bias is V/Kim Taehyung, with the other six as my biases :heart: Talk BTS with me, I have too much love for these boys ; A ;



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This account is officially dead. There is no easy way to say it, but it's true. I'll be keeping it, don't worry, I'm not deactivating, but I won't be posting on here any more in the near future. 

I have had no inspiration for nearly a full year now and it sucks, because I miss it. I miss writing. Maybe if I ever start a new project, I'll be back, but at this point in time, it seems very unlikely, given that a) I haven't had any new ideas and b) no one seems interested anymore. So that being said, I won't be updating on a lot of unfinished works here - again, I might in the future (emphasis on might). 

I've had a good run here. I've met lots of people, gotten amazing feedback and honestly, I'm grateful. I'm sorry to all those whom I haven't spoken to in months... years... god, it's been too long. Please know that I cherish you and that I hope we can speak again.

So... it's goodbye for now. If people are interested, I do have commissions open (journal will be linked below) so if you want me to write anything specifically (including anything to do with my existing works that you would like to see happen), please shoot me a message. I can't guarantee that it'll be great, or that I'll get it done super quick, but I would appreciate it nonetheless. I'll definitely do my very best to meet your expectations.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and thank you for everything. I mean it.

Vladica <3

  Fanfiction Commissions!Hello everyone! I’m opening commissions for the first time and I’m super excited! Uni is expensive and I want to try as much as I can to start saving in order to start paying off my student contributions, so I’ve decided to open up commissions! I hope you guys are interested, and I’ll provide a list of what I will and won’t write in terms of requests. Pricing is also below, and are in AUD (Australian Dollars), but I’ll add it next to the prices just to be clear on that :D (Big Grin) I hope you guys are interested and I’ll do my best to meet your expectations! Examples of Work:
Examples of my fanfictions can be found 
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