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Teh Stream
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Published: April 4, 2015
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Enter the digital world of Teh Stream! Join the notorious animator Leggy as she explores the digital scape of her chatroom. Team up with friends, meet fans, and battle adversaries all while trying to unravel the mystery behind an ominous hacker... Who is this person? What do they want? With so many visitors and potential suspects, will Leggy and her friends be able to stop the hacker with their reputation intact?

To learn a little bit about Teh Stream's origins, check out the first 3 chapters of Teh Stream Comic
Also be sure to check another side, another story, with Twizted_Chick in Teh Stream: A Twizted Tale

This game is created with the RPG Maker VX Engine. It features seven main areas to explore, with an array of optional side-quests along the way. Teh Stream is populated with tons of unique characters, many of which you can choose how to interact with. These interactions can determine your reputation throughout the game, resulting in three different possible endings. Total time averages to about 3 ~ 4 hours of gameplay. Download is 213 MB.

Bullet; Green Updates: [For English version only until further notice]

Edit I
• Español translation by alinhoalisson is available for download!
• Reduced lag and fixed floor images added to Console Warzone
• Graphical errors occurring in battles [death] have now been fixed

Edit II
• Various typos, mistakes, and other small errors have been fixed up
• Clarity has been added to certain events that left players a bit confused
• A potential game-breaking bug in Teh EXtream has been patched up

Edit III
• Some skills have been balanced out to be much less overpowered
• The action for the enemy ability "Slap" has been fixed to be neutral
• Possible graphical error in the Twizt and Trinity battle has been fixed
• Rewording of some early text has been made to give clear objectives

Edit IV
• Item Shops have been added to the majority of main area topics
• A Point prize has been added to the chest in the X-Box storage room
• Fixed a typo/duplicate name that appeared in the Console Warzone

Edit V - Urgent!
• The previous edit accidentally overwrote earlier fixes, causing some
past game-breaking errors to reappear. All of these errors have now
been fixed, thanks to alinhoalisson for finding and correcting the file.
If you downloaded this around July of 2015, please replace that file.

Bullet; Green How to Install:
• Click the link at the top of the description
• You'll be directed to a Google Drive webpage
• Click "Download" - The time it takes may vary
• Google should be safe, but run a scan to be sure
• Once saved, the .rar needs to be extracted
• Once extracted, open "Teh Stream" folder
• Find the application called "Game" (horse icon)
• Just double click that and you should be in!

Important Note:
Do not tamper with any of the folders or files inside the main folder!
Doing so will cause game-breaking crashes among other technical errors.

If you wish to use the sprites or artwork I personally created, please provide credit to DoubleLeggy
I do not condone explicit nor commissioned content of my persona.

Artwork ©DoubleLeggy

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This was worth playing. It was fun, although as a whole, I liked Twizt and her story more. She was just a more enjoyable hero to follow in her story. There was still a lot to enjoy in this one, though, and a lot of the fun interactions that were still around. The fights were mercifully toned down in the sequel. Most of the fights here were harder, and the hardest fights in this game were far, far tougher than the hardest fights in Twizt's game. Some people do enjoy those super tough fights, though ^^;

It was interesting to see some of the endearing flawed characters from Twizt's tale as flat-out villains here. I couldn't really hate them here, though, since I already knew them from the other game first. Mimi especially seemed like the most night-and-day difference between the two games of the major characters, from a sweet girl with some bitchy tendencies to irredeemable flat-out bitch. Some of the minor characters were pretty different, too, some being nicer in this one, and some being lot friendlier in Twizt's game. Like Alice's obsession with... well, Alice, went from harmlessly quirky to deranged :la:.

Also, I was wondering what Whisper did in the other game to incur your wrath. I still didn't have the heart to ban her, though, which turned out to be the "good" choice. Guess you were having a bad day in Twizt's game ^^;. Really, that wasn't one of the "obvious" choices, though.

MJ seemed to get a whole lot of attention here, and she's as lovable as she seemed in Twizt's game. Shame Twizt wouldn't give her a chance. The other admins seemed to get less attention, though most of them had their moments to do some stuff.

I like Twizt's game more, but still enjoyed this one :huggle:.
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
Glad to hear it was! I know it's definitely a lot less intuitive and not so well written in comparison to Twizt's. Once I get done the proper sequel and some animation projects, I maaay try to remake this one someday. Hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult since I have Twizt's game to build off of, but we'll see. It could be a fun project for the distant future.

It's nice to know you still didn't hate the characters despite this different take on them! That's part of where I think the writing wasn't too great on my part. I mean being honest here, with the plot being based on past events and people, I went on a bit of a fantasy binge really making some of these characters flat-out horrible. Twizted Tale was basically my way of trying to redeem that, with better writing and character development (hopefully!) After all, despite knowing people who I felt were irredeemably cruel to me personally, they did still have their own circles of friends, people who liked them, so it's not like they were some literal evil force. Just people, and we couldn't get along for whatever conflicting reasons.

And yeah, MJ is legit my best friend, and we went through a lot of this crazy stuff together. Once I get to doing the proper sequel, she's gonna be in that a lot more as well! Thanks for taking the time to give this game a try too, and I don't blame you for enjoying Twizt's more. I see it as a much-needed improvement!
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Well, if they were meant to simply be villains here, they were meant to simply be villains here. Bad guys don't always need to be deep and complex, and venting frustrations is a good enough reason to do it that way :la:.

I look forward to the sequel!
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah that's true, sometimes it can be annoying when a villain seems to be given a needlessly tragic backstory. I guess even some of their motivations aren't all that sympathetic anyway, at least. Hopefully it won't take too, too long, though it seems the trend with these games is they end up taking about 2 years to fully complete, not including small patches. But once I get working on it, I'll be sure to post a journal about it and its progress!
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Just a few more thoughts :aww:.

I know MVP was Twizt's first and most trusted advisor, but it felt like Trinity and Twizt had the closest friendship. I mean, it's a shame they clicked so fast through a shared dislikd of Leggy, but they feel like they'll always have each others' backs, whatever happens, moreso than the others.

Or I might be looking too deeply into it. You know better than me :XD:.

I love their friendship, although on a more individual level, Mimi's my favorite side character. Love her whole bubbly sweetheart/bitch dichotomoy.

Lil' Leggeh was adorable. Just so sweet and excitable and loving of Leggy and wanting to make Leggy happy, which is just kinda' sweet, at least at her age. Not quite as much, but I also loved the little girl who wanted to give you a gift of your own traced-over artwork. I dunno', felt like the most innocent kind of traced-over artwork, at least. And still felt bad when Twizt made fun of her for liking Leggy.
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
Oh yeah! Trinity was actually a character created by claire53 for a literature contest I had a while back. When she won the contest, she told me how Trinity would most likely get along well with Twizt and fit perfectly into her posse. She even came up with a little nickname for them as a pair, TNT. Originally it was intended to be a comic cameo, but since that went on a hiatus, the prizes got transferred into the game instead.

I'm glad you like Mimi, too! She's fun to write as well, all that patronizing "Teehee ur a bitch <3!" everyone has encountered at least once in their time online XD As are the sweet side-characters! In the next game I'd like to give the "nicer" characters more time to shine too. I struggle a bit with making nice, interesting characters since kindness doesn't have much drama to it. So far Pepperent is as far as I've gone with that, making a "good but flawed" character. I have plans for Lil'Leggeh though, she'll definitely appear in the future! [Minor spoiler!]
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Ah, Pepperent. She was a roller coaster. At least early on, it was more like "Teh Stream doesn't need you to defend its honor, Pepperent" (those people often mean well, but usually just make things worse), but then, considering the way she really saved Twizt from crossing a dangerous line at the end, her meddling really did save Twizt from digging herself into too deep of a hole. And Twizt was unnecessarily mean when they bumped into each other on DeviantArt.

Reece seemed kinda' similar, with being fairly pleasant, but not really ever going about things the best way (with the "if you made her cry, you must be the bad guy" line of thinking, and her backseat moderating later on).

I didn't realize Trinity wasn't yours. She seems to fit so naturally into the story, still. She's a great addition to the games.

Aww, Celesteh :la:! And with that spelling, she's not forgetting her roots as a super Leggy fan.
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, she's been a fun character to work with. It's gonna be nice to explore how she is from the viewpoint of the other cast, which'll likely happen in the sequel. And Reece too, her and Rod seemed to ended up having slightly more prominent roles than I'd originally planned, so maybe I'll make a bit more of them someday. Though sometimes I worry about having too many character, since there's so many as it is. Despite being a chat and all, it might become overwhelming for people to keep track.

And yeah! She's listed in the credits under the contest winner's section, though since it's been years since that contest was held. I plan on giving her a proper profile drawing and explanation, so hopefully then it'll be clear where the credit goes, as well.
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LaurenTheFoxStudent Artist
i dunno if anyone asks this, but is this virus free? 
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
It should be, I uploaded it to Google Drive directly from my computer, which is virus free. And Google Drive should be a completely safe site, but you can always scan the file if you're still unsure.
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The characters either look like they just came from a party or are just going to one.
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
...Maybe both.
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Uri-the-EspeonHobbyist General Artist
Hell, I'll play it!  BTW, what did you use to make this game box art?  I'd love to know since I, too, intend to make an RPG of a story I'm writing.
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks, hope you'll enjoy it!

I used hand-drawn art and Photoshop to color and edit everything. But I also referenced game box templates:… Figure you can pick one you like the best! I just went for a simple PC look.
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Uri-the-EspeonHobbyist General Artist
Thanks. :)
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
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solitonmedicHobbyist Artist
I love the charm packed into this game, heck Lil' Dumbass is even included, haha-

I can't stop over-examining the environment and I think I just found some antivirus in the... toilet? I bet it's Norton. :P
Now if you excuse me, it's time to shave off some hours off my sleep again! :D
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist

But yo, thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it and could get a lot out of all them lil' easter eggs.
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Can I try translate it to polish language?

I start playing it and stayed half night awake, it's addicting as...................well, something very addicting :D
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
D'aw, well I'm glad you like it! If you're up to the challenge and you really want to give it a try, you're more than welcome to translate it. If you do, make sure to download the latest version if you haven't already, it's the same download link. Let me know if you do decide to do it and finish it, I can post a download link and add you to the credits!
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Really, After work I don't wanna do any SFM things, so translating stuff could be fun ^^
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DoubleLeggyProfessional Digital Artist
Sure, if you enjoy it then that's great! And I appreciate it too, it's nice knowing that someone likes the game enough to want to translate it and allow other native speakers to play too.
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