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Operation: Opera [cameo]



:bulletblue: Operation: Opera

Unused cameo idea for Operation: Opera.

When originally storyboarding this video, I couldn't decide who I wanted to pop up at the end to hit the last note. I had a few ideas and Melissa/Eve from Parasite Eve was one of them. But I wasn't sure if many people would know who she was, so I ultimately decided on Alfred. I figured he would be a lot funnier anyway. Recently I got a comment [+Mitchell Alexander] saying that Melissa should join the opera battle and that gave me the idea to draw this unused cameo. It's good to be settled in and drawing again!

Resident Evil ©CAPCOM
Parasite Eve ©Square Enix
Artwork ©DoubleLeggy


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I remember Eve... of course I finished the game and she was just in her human form during the beginning and then she looked more and more like Sheeva from final fantasy... but yeah, you have to have played the classics from the psone/psx era (I just bought them at clearance bins mostly)

Alexia might have some competition on the Rule of Rose girls... their musical intro (love suicide) is iconic too and plenty scary.