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yay AC3

I'm very excited about the new character!
My main concern is Desmond though.

Photoshop CS3
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Your AC art is amazing, oh my god I love you xD
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I love the perspective. It's like from the third-person view, like an observer from the tree.
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you mean "fourth"???!!! :D cause there's already 3 people there
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Hi, I've given this piece a Feature over here -> [link] :)
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such a epic scene :la:
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I just love how this looks like a screenshot! *stares transfixed at the screen*
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Desmond is in it. There have been a few pictures of him and I believe they said he was, so no worries....unless of course you're concerned about his mind, that....that might be a reason to be worried heh
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Best. Tomahawk. Ever.
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want this game to come out sooner... i cant wait!!!
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I can't wait for this game! You should do more things with AC3!
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I cannot draw from bird's eye view perspective for shit....
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they said there's still desmond dont u worry
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oh)) impressionante
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But who cares about Desmond? He complains to much! XD
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Yeah, I never really liked Desmond, I mean, how'd he end up so... unattractive with all his ancestors!!!!
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IKR?! All those beautiful, beautiful genes, genes that can make him also beautiful!
Then, nope. Not at all. Nothing like his ancestors. XP
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Yep, he ends up with hammerhead shark eyes and some sort of creepy little moustache thingy, and he used to be a bartneder, stop the line of success right there Desmond, good idea.
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Good friggin' job, Desmond. You just ruined your whole family line. Altair, Conner, and Ezio are disappointed.
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