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By doubleleaf
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Commission for :iconvirtualmorrigan: Saren and Nihlus from Mass Effect.

Photoshop CS3
Mass Effect (c) BioWare
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© 2013 - 2021 doubleleaf
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Сарен и Найлус
Ученик и учитель...
RandomGamingOtaku's avatar
The start of a beautiful bromance.(sike!)
ummiehummie's avatar
Nihlus is one of my favorite (if not favorite) Turian.
Chibi-BlackBat's avatar
Back when they were buddies and Saren looked normal. 

Oh Nihuls T_T
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MoonDancer89's avatar
Turians are awesome~!!!  :dummy:
Natsumi494's avatar
Awesome ! We need more Turians !
mr-droy's avatar
i wish nihlus lasted longer 
anyway good picture
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LegionWings's avatar
flipping awesome. :)
E1kyung's avatar
"soooo... you come here often?"
TheDevilReborn's avatar
This is a beautiful piece!
The cell shading gives it a great stylized touch to it.
Can you tell me what there talking about? :)
derelianraven's avatar
I've gotta say... usually I'm not one for shonen-ai/yaoi (not saying this is either), but for some reason, I can see such happening with these two and wanting it to because of this picture.

Although if they're just friends (and that's all you're going for), that's cool too.

It's still of my favorite turians... right after Garrus of course.
xenowriter's avatar
Amazing work! I like the lighting.
*sigh* I miss Nihlus...
HannibalLecterMD's avatar
Ooh Nihlus, you know what they say about long fringes....
Alpha1ance's avatar
The first Turians haha nice
ZerosFangs's avatar
Whilst this is great, my only complaint would be the size of their hips and waists. Turians have a very small waist that tapers down to to very protruding hips. Their hips just don't seem to jut out enough.
Great art nonetheless!
HeroMiles's avatar
doubleleaf creates the best commissions ever.
RogueofAsgard's avatar
!!!! my favorites. i adore them. this is so well done.. the neutral colors really fit. :) <3 my otp.
elendraug's avatar
oh my gosh this is gorgeous.
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