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new order 2

Long since I last drew decent Altair and Malik.


Photoshop CS3
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I think that if either of them declaired themselves king, i would have no problem since I'd be too scared to.
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A picture of our triumph!
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Maliiiiiik^^' he is so badass <3 <3
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You know what if eather of them decided they were king I wouldn't argue. I'd be to afraid to argue.
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xD Malik is king, really, that's what his name means.
Hikari-15-L's avatar
........I have no words O.O
DemonKitsuneOfNight's avatar
Malik is awesome. He jumped from one of my least favorite to one of my faves for that game. :)
AnimeANDGamelover's avatar
same here
also desmond....god....what i would do to have that kind of talent with pencils,markers,paint,pastels and everything
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finished AC2 for xbox 1/2 an hour ago, great games, about to order Brotherhood
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Brotherhood was the best. Well... honestly I loved them all... LOL
JRCBROOLZ's avatar
Brotherhood was brilliant in the gameplay area, but I think that they released it too early, don't get me wrong it's a great game, but I got the feeling it wasn't finished, and while I do like having loads of side-quests and things in games, they concentrated too much on that rather than the storyline, which should be an important part of an AC game, I just think it could have been better
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Hit that perfectly. I couldn't agree with you more!
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I love this! O_O<3 My two favorite characters!
Lidius-Arcanriz's avatar
made me sad cos malik...... its epic dude
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... You know that Maliks is killed right?... I miss him. (Manly tears go here)
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When Altair argues with Maria about there son being killed by Abbas, they mentioned Abbas killed all of Altair supporters and they mention Malik between them
Russian-RPG-Fangirl's avatar
Awesome O_o
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Awesome! The mountains in the background look really good.

Both of these guys are awesome. <3
OmEgACeNtAuRy's avatar
I've seen plenty of your work to say;


I like so much your style and your concepts too :D

This one is inspiring for some reason
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