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a breath

I'm just so excited about the snow.

Photoshop CS3
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I got shot ..... My kokoro goes doki doki 0///0
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Ahh this is wonderful
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isn't the arrow always on the right side of the bow, if you shoot with your right hand? or am i wrong...?
but great pic!
Black--Forest's avatar
This picture is absolutly correct ;)
JamesTheToastBoy's avatar
No, he messed up on the bow actually:/ 
Black--Forest's avatar
Wtf really? o.O I did archery for two years and I think i've always had the arrow on the left side like here... but maybe im wrong :/
JamesTheToastBoy's avatar
his arrow is on the right side, it is the hands that are wrong or where his arrow is, so in the picture he is shooting right handed but has the arrow on the left side :(
MerlynPyndragon's avatar
It looks weird being on the left side of the bow, but if you think about nocking and drawing the arrow, it would be smoother having the shaft on the left side than the right, not to mention balanced. Plus, you look down the arrow to aim, and it would be tricky/inaccurate/awkward if the arrow was on the right side.
Yep. That's my two cents xD
Black--Forest's avatar
he has the bow in his left hand actually. You are getting me really confused now (^^) So i went to search -< Google Pictures and all of them where shooting like this...
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I refuse to fangirl
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I love you ^^ You as you and Connor 8D
Korbeaux's avatar

I love this picture!

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IlovMichaelJackson's avatar
Awesome work! Connor is so hot in this picture! :iconheartbeatplz:
junebug-art's avatar
AMAZING WORK as always!!! :D
mareyagogojoy's avatar
conner looks cute in this picture :3
tomytieneblas74's avatar
reichan79's avatar
OMG! Perfect body shape. He looks awesome and so many details. :heart:
Autumn-Fest's avatar
Photoshop, really?
RainbowNinjaGuardian's avatar
Best... game... EVER!!! (Whenever I say this, people stare at me, like, "Whoa, this chick plays Assassin's Creed III?!?!" with a look on their face like this: o_O.)
PS: There's a cheat where you do some crap out of bounds, and you get to be Lindsey Stirling.
Dark-Emerald123's avatar
I play it too. And I'm a girl. And I'm still 11 >_>
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