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Starscream's Yogurt Night

Another commission for :iconvalong:

Yogurt Night is a series of drawings which involve bare-chested men, pink spoon and dab of yogurt for no reason.

Photoshop CS3
Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara.Tomy
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You sexy bastard
and now I crave yogurt...well then.
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"Why is yoghurt night so difficult!?"

                          -Ken, The Bee Movie

IDK. This just sorta reminded me of the Bee Movie. 
KillstreakPrima's avatar
ermagerd..... i want one, so bad
CrystalCritic's avatar
Yes, yes, give me more of this, I need it, and I LOVE IT.
Cattibrie76's avatar
This Is him... No dubt about it! Beautiful, your Screamy... Also his brothers... Very similar to their Metallic body!
RmacDhai's avatar
I have absolutely no problem with Yogurt Night. ;-D  I'd keep this one.
EshuCreature's avatar
Of course, the only thing my mind is focusing on right now is where the yogurt cup went. -.-
lovableXinu's avatar
WhiteTigerDemoness's avatar
Props for a human starscream that isn't whitewashed. :star:
Eboy4190's avatar
Tbh his voice makes all of us think that
portisHeart's avatar
:love: sexxay!! :heart: - no idea who the guy is, never checked yogurt night (but i will!), but the art is excellent! and i read right, it's drawn (all with PS??), and NOT 3D rendered in comic shader? awesome!
Azien15's avatar
Why do you draw so mony pics of half naked men  yogurt!!!!
XenYojimbo's avatar
The glove that says "I am a jet" absolutely makes this for me. lol.
HeroMiles's avatar
Yogurt and spoon brilliancy once again..
NekoSenshu's avatar
Lovin Starscream <3
DehGirlWhoLovesAnime's avatar
So.......SMEXY!!!!!! X33333 :iconmajornosebleedplz:
SilverFang420's avatar
Sexy human form!!!!
Anelie2beilshmidt's avatar
Lol I love this
Every fangirl wants to f him right?.
mello031's avatar
I can believe my eyes
starscream you are a salt and light for me! take me away!
AranelFealoss's avatar
You want me dead, now I certainly know it.

I absolutely LOVE Starscream. I loved him since I was a child in his robot form (why? 'cause I'm mad, that's why.), and how couldn't I love him in this gorgeous HOT human form?!
I love everything in him: the pose, the suit, the blue glove, the expression on his face, the Decepticons tattoo...

PLEASE (if you want) DRAW more of him and the others two!!
Cattibrie76's avatar
I could write the same thing! I also loved Starscream from when I was a child... I don't know why... Perheps because He was so impudent with Megatron!!! 😚
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