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Revenge of the Pantheons : Anubis

By doubleleaf
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Art for :iconofficalrotp:'s project "Revenge of the Pantheons", a table top card game.
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I love anubis! great work. ^^
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Aww Anubis is my favourite god ♡♡♡
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WOAH that dude is freakin awesome! :D
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dog man nipples lol
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OMG I can't tell you how much I love this! Anubis is my FAVORITE Egyptian God and you drew him exactly how I picture him! <3
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this should be a cartoon or anime character... o -o
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Holy shit this is amazing. .o. I'm really into egyptian gods and what not, so it makes it even more interesting! all up in yo face like 
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Woah, this is really epic, nice work Leaf :D
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For those of you wondering... Anubis, in Egyptian known as Anpu, was originally the god of the dead, but was later replaced in that role by Osiris. He was then relegated to the god of mummification and the dead, as well as the one who weighs the souls against the feather of truth. He always was one of my favorites.
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Anubis is my favorite and this is  amazing! I have more to describe but I can't do it all on one page XD
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Gorgeous! I love his feet! They look so dog like! Food job!
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Anubis is my second favorite Egyptian god! Nice work! :D
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I love Anubis hes my favorite
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I like this version of Anubis! :D
Nice and muscular! :)
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So cute! :aww: great work :)
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Very cool. Any chance of you drawing Sutekh?


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This is perfect 
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