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Commission for :iconrenegad3spectre: Makarov from Call of Duty series.

I'll start taking new commission requests within few days. If you're interested please read the details on my top page, bottom left and be ready to send in the form :) I'll mention in my gallery and my journal when I open so please keep an eye on the updates. Thanks! :)
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I didn't know Makarov had heterochromia.
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У вас шикарный стиль! Макаров шикарен. Надеюсь вы будете рисовать и других персонажев из Call of Duty: например Джона МакТавиша или Саймона Райли.
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that Cullen-like scar
tsumefan2's avatar
he looks like castiallnos from the evil within
Awom's avatar
no castellanos looks different. And he has long hair
tsumefan2's avatar
he looks like the guy from the evil within
AlExAnDrUMaRiAn's avatar
He may be evil but damn he looks HOT.
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Freakin' gorgeous!!!! Oh my god!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
WWrite's avatar
Oh my, you are capable of melting people's brains. You draw many sexy characters, and this one is a sexy terrorist... That's heavy. And astonishing.
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So, you make a sexy fanart to the murder who killed thousands of people in an airport and after that kill you? Ok...
Are you that fucking dense or stupid to realize that it's a fictional character?
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lol funny to read this comment from the one with Joker as a userpic =)
Makarov is hot as f*ck, just deal with it)
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Damn, he's hot :0
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Dang, I ooooove this style when it comes to draw humans! It's not overly-realistic, nor overly-cartoonish. The shading is rally cool in my taste, and I just realised that Makarov has a scar on his mouth. And talk about nice anatomy! It almost looks like Makarov himself. Oh boy 8D

Keep on going! Looking forward for more of your art :iconthumbsupplz:
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Love your art style, its the kind I wish I could do. I really wanna do or get an image done for my new Outlast youtube series but it seems all the commissioners who do the art style I love are either cash only or closed atm :/
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Now that is one sexy Russian man.....
LittlMissBitterSweet's avatar
Dat Vest...

SSniperWolf's avatar
Damn, I love men in classical costumes soo much
yes .. typical russian badass, heal yeah ;) (Wink) 
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Wait just one minute... Makarov had different coloured eyes? I never noticed that... 
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He kind of looks like John Ross from Dallas, even has the exact same eyes with the one blue and green thing :) Just different hair! 
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I've always liked his hair :heart:
Awesome pic btw
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ure like a god
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