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L.A. Noire

The game will be released in July here. Is it good? :)

Photoshop CS3
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kirk2010fgtr's avatar
Can I use this in my la noire lets play Ill credit you
istalo's avatar
He's looking at the sewer XD (spoilers)
PandorAdriana's avatar
I really love L.A Noire, and this  is an awesome fan-art- Thank you for share
nightchildmoonchild's avatar
Oh, I love him so very much!
Kendecia's avatar
the driving in this game.


I want to use it as cover in fb, can I?
I'll give credits, and link if U want!
ladywaveH9's avatar
i liked it but i got kinda repetitive :/ but thats just me
NahXIII's avatar
Its the Jazz in Title Menu that draws in.
Paddywoo98's avatar
I wonder where Rusty went?
Molly99McG's avatar
In words....My mom says I'm addicted....:pc: And I'm a bad driver :ambulance: :D Jack Kelso is my favorite character. :) This picture is AWESOME
VampireKnight666's avatar
best game ever ~! :D, and i love your art ~:love:
Scarredblade's avatar
Awesome! This is one of my favorite games :3
CyberEagleWarrior's avatar
It's an amazing game with a impressionable story.
XxWafiqah's avatar
Totally love this game. This is just badass!
av1an's avatar
so!! good!! i love your style so much fyhdsjks its so fabulous!! wonderful work <3
ChocolateZebra's avatar
this is so cool,i love his facial expression.and the background is great
captain89's avatar
Is it Good? Its The Best! Pity on the abrupt ending though :-(
S0ngSparr0w's avatar
Don't you honk at me! I HAVE A HAT!
E-W-J's avatar
It's amazing, but also very sad! I simply fell in love with Cole. You should try it someday. Love this. <3 :D
LovesLostWords's avatar
My favourite game!! and this is epic <3 COLE PHELPS D: I won't spoil
LadyPoka's avatar
Lovely depiction of Phelps. Your artwork, is most realistic. :clap:
Jason-de-LEpee's avatar
Yes, this was a great game. And this is a great piece too.
Kariyr's avatar
Reminds me of Tobygames running over his partner. xDDD
MontanaKat's avatar
Love this game! Even though, I did failed. Whoops! Now, I have to start over. Makes the game last longer. :)
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