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I finished the game so here's something stupid.
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My dad got this... Then he broke it by driving too fast in a lotus... I don't know how it happened but it was hilarious! XD
He got stuck in a ramp and when he got out of the car, the game crashed or something!
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And..what is that?)
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Ha,ha! That's Trevor (*^3^)/〜☆
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For unknown reasons, far more reminded this cartoon character, lol
An then the car explodes
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Oh my god. Combine my love of Lupin and my love of Trevor, and you have the perfect image.
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That is amazing! XD Awesome work on this! :D
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Oh my God, Trevor :D
TREVER THE THIRD! Dum duds duuuuum. Omg yes!!!
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Lol I recognize this from Lupin
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Oh Trevor! Such an unique character. Sweating a little... 
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Trevor! Hahha, his face is spot on!
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(And for the artist, a BIG WIN).
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Lol! Damn it Trevor! 
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Like how ya modeled it after Lupin 3rd. Second Season I believe.
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Friggin Trevor. XD
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