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Evolution of Ezio

By doubleleaf
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So did everyone see the latest AC:Revelations trailer?
I can't believe we've only known him for less than 2 years :o I almost feel like his mother.

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And nooooooow I need to catch up with this game qvq
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Finally, finally playing ACII and I already need to play more. These games are so awesome!!
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Man I love this. You rock bro.
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Ezio has several mothers; Me, Maria, double leaf, 'bout 80% of the fangirl population, if not all of it etc.
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playboy to being a man....
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Can I have the second evolution? I have my assissin-ball ready or do I new to level him up first.
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This is awesome ^_^
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well done m8:noes3d: Noes 3D 50x50 derp 
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SO THAT WAS HIM HE WAS JUST AND OLD HEAD????!!! I have that game and i kept saying to myself thats ezio! lol
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So I was rewatching 'Inside Assassin's Creed III, episode 4', when I notice the background of the PC next to this Ubisoft worker.… (at 5:09)

See something familiar? :D
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What THE-?!
Markiplier Freak Out -EMOTE- Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] Well, who can resist Ezio, anyway?
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I can't resist the young and ACII Ezio.
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oh god for real!! : D
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Haha nice catch!
derp5578978new's avatar
that animation of the picture
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Hey doubleleaf, do you mind if I post this drawing in my blog just to add some color to the text? I'll definitely credit you. Thanks anyway, and love your work.
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Lovely, I like the reflections on the floor.
MacavityHenchcat's avatar
You are fabulous at drawing
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Nicely done!! I love it!!! I've played every game that includes ezio in it:-)^.=.^
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