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Don't cry

Kadar's a crybaby :love:
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awwwww i wanna hug him:hugs: 
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Just to sweet... god, I swear I'm sorry for all the comments your gonna wake up to tomorrow but I can't help my self
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Awwww the feels!
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Kadars allowed to be a crybaby

because HES SO CUTE
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Aww~ It's so cute!
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[link] i decided just now that i should upload my comment as an actual story
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FEELS! *dies of feels*
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Aww, don't pick on Kadar, Malik will kill you. I think it's adorable x3
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Wonderful-You make them so real!
Thank you
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*teehee!* So freakin' CUTE!
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Kadar trudges half-heartedly back into Masyaf, not particularly desiring any comfort. He scuffs his feet against the dirt as he walks, head almost as heavy as the invisible burden he carried on his chest. He had made a fool of himself by making an attachment, this time to a little girl he found on the street. It had only been days since the girl passed on and her face was still engraved into his mind.
He met her a day after completing his mission. She had thin, slightly pale features and hair darker than the midnight sky. Her eyes sparkled and glowed a brilliant golden brown in contrast to the thin smears of dirt caked on her face. "Come and play with me, sir." the girl had said, tugging Kadar's sleeve, pulling him to an alley filled with children. Along the way, she would cough occasionally. Every other boy and girl stopped playing and looked at the girl with an almost mournful regard. "Please one more hour before I leave." The boys and girls all joined hands in an incomplete ring, their smiles beckoning for Kadar to join them. Kadar smiled weakly and shuffled to the circle, taking the girl's hand in one of his, and the hand of a strange boy in the other. Kadar and the children danced around in circles, chased each other around and played a few games of hide and seek. All the while, Kadar was smiling both inside and out. If he had known that he could have grown up playing around like this, he would never have become an assassin. Everyone stopped playing when the girl leaned against the wall, coughing terribly. There was blood in her hand and Kadar realised it was far too late to save the girl. "She will die slowly." a boy muttered slowly. It was the same boy that Kadar was next to in the ring. The boy looked up at him. "You have swords and knives." Some of the other children looked at Kadar and found that the boy was right. Even the girl looked up. Her eyes were full of love. "Do it, friend." she said weakly. "I want to die quickly." Kadar stared at the girl. "I..." he bit his lip. "I can't." Though he tried to stop them, tears flowed freely from Kadar's eyes. "It's against the laws of my creed; I can't slay an innocent." Kadar began to choke on his words. "Someone else will have to do it." he managed to splutter. One of the boys in the background lifted his shiv and approached the girl. "I will." Kadar clamped his eyes shut, trying to disconnect from the world, but even that could not stop the sound of the girl's body falling to the ground. When he finally opened his eyes, the girl was shuddering, blood flowing freely from her chest wound. "Thank you..." she mumbled. "All of you." Kadar tore his eyes away from the scene and ran for the nearest city exit. By instinct, he took a horse and began the long journey home.
When Masyaf came into view, Kadar bit his lip, dried his face of tears and walked straight past the guards without so much as a nod. He walked through the town until he came to his home. Ensuring nobody was inside, he slumped against the wall, slid into a sitting position and let all his unshed tears flow.
When Malik walked past the house, Kadar was still crying in the corner, his eyes and cheeks reddened slightly where the salt from his tears irritated his skin. Malik entered the building, knelt by his brother and wiped some of the tears from his face. "What is wrong, brother?" All Kadar could manage was: "Little girl... friends... dying... boy killed her..." Kadar launched himself into his brother's arms, crying seemingly endlessly into his shoulder. Neither was aware how long they had been there, but it was clear that Kadar's emotions needed to be released after so many years of training and trying to hold them inside.

((sorry, spontaneous story ^^;))
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upload dis as a fanfic. pleaaasseee... :iconawwwplz:
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I just cried myself... :iconsobplz:
COMFORT ME! :iconemotionalplz:
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AAAAA NO DONT CRY *cuddles and shooshes* ;A;
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what did you like best about the story?
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