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Diamond Dog

By doubleleaf
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Lieutenant-Lucy's avatar more or less the plot of that game.  So I mean...valid.  And incredible.
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I know. This is pretty much the game's plot twist in a nutshell.
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This made my day! Well done! :icongreatjobplz:
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I fckng love it!
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dude this is so fk sexy!!! >___> I love those 2, BB and Venom Snake in the same room :Q___ (with kaz or ocelot *drool*) nice work c:
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Oh god yes! Awesome job. :drool:
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I never new kinky chains were standard military issue.
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This beauty, this is art, those are nice abs.
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This is awesome! :D
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[sweats nervously] <_<
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You guys say it's spoiler, but i just don't understand this... so.... i think i'm a bit safe. I'm still at 20% of the game, mission 17 I guess (main mission)
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I laughed so hard at this. My room mate has been playing the new MGS game for a few weeks now and I ALWAYS get on his case with how he treats the people he kidnaps from the field. He puts them in choke holds, knocks them out, shoots, them etc... drives me nuts. I told him I would find some way to ruin it for him. I just showed him this, he said is isnt going to torture his comrades anymore now after seeing this. xD
It disturbed him so much. Rofl!!!!!!

Thanks for a good laugh on this!
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OH MY GOD I can't tell you how happy I am to see a new work of yours, ESPECIALLY with my newest obsession :excited: 
la in love 
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"You're my bitch now!...BITCH!"
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