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The movie coming out in 2012! I hope it'll be a good one.
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Awsome job😎👊👊👊
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Awesome job on the lighting, shading, details, pose and colouring.
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Hi, I have a flat but I have to make my advertising! I am attending a voting patterns for shirt, and I need your vote!
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Thank you and sorry for the hassle
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what movie?? its 2014 now
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The movie was cancelled back then. :) But it's confirmed that it's coming out in 2016 now!
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ah good

you know when i was watching the game i was thinking who is he talking to then i found out that he has a multiple personality disorder since know
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Yup, that's Deadpool for you. :D But that just makes him all the more endearing.
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and very funny to watch XD

i liked the fight between him and spiderman it was so funny er i mean punny
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That fight was pretty much just made of puns!
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so is deadpool a merc? or a anti hero? or both?
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Looks like Anime Pool
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LOL~!! Love this loud-mouth merc~!!  :XD:
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Hi peoples! :-) 

I'm Marc, an avid artist trying to promote his drawings on Deviant Art. It's been discouraging to upload my drawings for no one to see them.:-( 

I've posted a link below to a Deadpool drawing I did recently, so if you get a chance, please stop by and check it out. If you could even fave or comment it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for reading!:-) :-)…
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So...2014 then....
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people use use to say i drew like Rob-Liefeld check it out and tell me and if so yahooooo!!!!…
but i look you art  Rob-Liefeld forever !!!!
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That looks awesome!
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Super Badass Deadpool!
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