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Commission: Seekers in Shower

Commission for :iconvalong:
Seekers from Transformers (Skywarp, Thundercracker, Starscream) in human forms.

Other drawings I did for her in the past c:

Photoshop CS6
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NightCaster2134's avatar
AY CARAMBA!! Thundercracker is just too hot!!
Drzuma's avatar
Thundercracker: Do you mind?!
Skywarp: Singing like crazy
Starscream: Plotting against Megatron
neonyanderehotdogzz's avatar
Sky, what the fuck are you doing? Your teammate is hurt, put that down!

At least Thunder seems to be checking on him...
ChaoticAquarius's avatar
ah poor Screamer ;w; always taking the heavy hits and abuse XD
LadyStar10's avatar
 I feel sorry for him too, even though he does act like a jerk. I wish I could give him a hug but apparently, he's in the nude here and that would be awkward.
ChaoticAquarius's avatar
*smirk* that wouldn't stop me. I'd totally take that chance.GMM Emote - oh hey there 
PrinceSephiroth's avatar
Can't... stop... licking computer screen... Cloud Wishes Lick Chat Icon (#1 Icon EVAHH) 

Someone... help...
Cakelequake's avatar
If the decepticons have these FINE looking soldiers, hehehe, I'd join anyday, Tamaki Winks icon 

-probably gonna spy on these waifu's only tho huehuehueBig Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] -
rn847's avatar
Ya he'd definitely sing in the shower I feel kanda sorry for SS he's scerowed so many times I'm amazed he's still alive in the cartoons although it seems like he's going to get his a#s kicked 
fluff-lynn's avatar
Love the one in the middle :D
nader19's avatar
I have no idea what this is but:
Pic one: omg I feel like a stalker

Pic two: nosebleed

Pic three: OH SHIT!
fon759's avatar
Whoa..... did Megatron beat starscream up? Or someone else did? Any way lovely picture :) keep it up!
Black-Fire-Tazz's avatar
Holy mother of hotness :iconspainapprovedplz:
RedOptics's avatar
What up with screamy?
ZombieFritz's avatar
I can't stop staring. 
EshuCreature's avatar
Aww, poor Starscream... I'd hug him, but that might be a bit awkward since he's naked. 
StormFireGirl's avatar
you and me both o.o
Talra-Di-Deliren's avatar
Oh.... *nose bleed*
aallen1350's avatar
Nosebleed  Oh Primus thank you for this prefect piece of seeker optic-candy!
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