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Commission for :iconvalong:
They are a humanized version of the Seekers from Transformers.
Uniforms designed by :iconberiuos:

Photoshop CS3
Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara.Tomy
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I wonder what these three would do if they met Batman.
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yes yes yes yes!!
So I ran across this image in a Facebook Transformers group. I must simultaneously curse and praise you, Doubleleaf. Praise you because it's a really well done piece that I think captures a lot of character in all three without doing anything grossly obvious. I must curse you because due to that great characterization presented in the image it got my mind rolling for background.

So my idea is it's a bit of combination between Transformers and Robotech. The characters are all human that pilot transforming mechs that would be based on the characters respective vehicle forms. So in this case, you'd have Wing Commanders Thomas "Thunder Cracker" Gewitter, Steven "Star Scream" Skrie, and Eric "SkyWarp" Deformica.
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Aw yiiis, best seeker gijinkas out there! Not just full of character but also hot. I love the uniforms, I love the hairstyles, the skin tone and poses. Pure perfection! Thank you, kind artist <3
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I like yor human versions of the seekers...this pic is epic
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I like your humans. ~RAWR~ The uniforms look sharp too. I'd like to see this as a comic. Very cool premise.
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Hmm. So I'm in love with Starscream no matter the form. Wicked awesome!
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which characters are these handsome men are? i cant tell Sorry! XD
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left to right: Thundercracker, Starscream, and Skywarp
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heh i could of figured that Starscream was in the middle.
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the colors should've given them away lol
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that's the Problem i wasnt Born around the time that Transformer G1 and i couldnt find them anywhere on the net
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Nor was I but I knew who was who
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Wow. Um, I seriously can't stop looking at them. As in the <3 way and the awesome picture way. This is really good. Nod 
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Sexy guys. :D It's very impressive and beautiful costume style. Good job :clap::clap::clap: :heart:
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Oh. My. F***ing. Lord. O,O They're so... Ahhhhhh.... I can't stop starring! :D Amazing work! It looks brilliant and they're so... AH!!! So sexy! FANTASTIC work!
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Looks like they just defeated the humanized Arielbots! Yeah!
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Ace Combat would never be the same when they entered the BR7. Great style!!
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I love your humanized transformers! they are great!
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