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Commission: Calder

Hi, I'm alive! :w00t:

A commission piece for :iconanimal-delos:
 Fake comic cover of the inFamous OC.

If you've made a commission request last summer and still haven't heard from me, I'm very sorry! I've been very busy with work and it's still hard to make enough time to draw commissions. I promise I'll contact you eventually but I'll need some more time :( Thank you for your patience!

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mufrumm's avatar
i logged in just to say this but pls for the heavens make a yogurt night of john marston or arthur morgan uwu
DemonNekoGirl's avatar
I love this game and the art is amazing <3

Only unrealistic bit is that it only costs $2.99 lol
LakeDipsyXNoah's avatar
my new oc ( vs Slappy from rising dead please?
hotdamndel's avatar
Cool as always! Glad to see you still draw Infamous stuff!
Adibah87's avatar
He reminds me of Genos, from One Punch Man. :D (Big Grin) 
animal-delos's avatar
This turned out fantastic, much better than I could have ever hoped! Thank you so much, Doubleleaf! ^^
KruelaD-Savic's avatar
CBrando89's avatar
Love the tattoos! Great piece!
ArtsyGoatAlan's avatar
OOOH! Really like the look and the character. The inFamous games are really great, I've played and adored all of them.
RelwarcTheMighty's avatar
Looks neat! Love the arm tattoos!
spitfiresdad16's avatar
God I wish this comic was real! I'd totally read it! I wonder if he would team up with Delsin, Fetch, and Eugene. That'd be pretty cool!
animal-delos's avatar
His nickname is Splash, so probably. XD
ArtsyGoatAlan's avatar
I completely agree. I want to learn more about this character.
animal-delos's avatar
His name is Calder, you can learn a little more about him here: Calder ''Splash'' Moss by NoahAsai . He's a water prime conduit. In this picture above he's actually 'absorbing' the 60% water content out of the D.U.P. agents bodies into himself to recharge. Any further questions please feel free to PM me. ^^;
U23Art's avatar
Sigh, if only.
animal-delos's avatar
Seems as though Sucker Punch's current project is in development hell... one can only hope afterwards we get some new Infamous stuff. Hell I'd love to pitch this to Dark Horse and try to get it made or something.
U23Art's avatar
This is sad news to hear.
CastilloRA's avatar
*Plays "Coming Out On Top*
*Notes game art done by doubleleaf*
*Follows doubleleaf on deviantart*
*Gets notification on deviantart a few weeks later that doubleleaf has uploaded new artwork*
*Loves artwork, reads comment regarding commissions*
*Adds "have commission art done by doubleleaf" to bucket list*

animal-delos's avatar
Heh, I'm right there with you. Ever since I first saw doubleleaf's work way back when I've wanted to commission them. I just crossed it off my own bucket list. XD
Saphirone-Arnes's avatar
Raaahhh I missed your works xD

Glad to see you around !
lethe-gray's avatar
Oh awesome, good to know you're just busy - I never like to see folks vanish and not know why. Better for busy working than ... y'know, anything else. :)

Also, swoosh :D Action and superpowers!
Sagebrush-N-Saddles's avatar
Looks great!! Glad you are alive, I hate to deal with you as a zombie ;)
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