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Avengers Disassemble

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I finally saw the movie! It was a party!
Thor and Loki were the best :D

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Somewhere, Loki and Ultron are laughing their asses off.
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Nick is in the back just saying "I got this"
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I could just image that Loki is getting popcorn:):D
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*Hulk grabs Steve and Natasha*
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if Cival War had Thor and Hulk
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Fury. XD

I love Fury.
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Arguing over the last slice of pizza
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Look at Captain America and Tony
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Fury: I've had it with these motherf**king superheroes on this motherf**king helicarrier!

You know what would be even funnier... if this fight started over something trivial, like trying to agree on what movie to watch.
Thor: We are watching My Little Pony!
Everyone else: >:(
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Thors face sis so hilarious :XD:
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I really like this art. :D So funny:D
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Nick is like, "Ya'll kids better knock it off, I'll kick all yo asses!!" 
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Coulson hiding in the S.H.E.I.L.D. lounge talking to himself: "All I did was take the last chocolate chip cookie when no one was around.  I didn't think they'd be that upset over it!"
Agent Hill: "It was YOU!?  YOU took the last cookie!?!?"
Coulson: "Umm.... No?  Ahhh!  Don't hurt my vintage cards!!!!  No!  Not the face!"
Fantastic drawing, by the way!!!!
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I could see Coulson screaming for May to save him from Hill! LOL!
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lol.... though you might catch sky and simmons video tapping it to show fitz when he wakes up next season...
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Oh my gosh, this is my favorite.  :XD:
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lol, i find this funnier than i should
Fury's in the background like "alright, this didn't go as i planned, better take 'em down and start a new team"
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Nick Furry in the in the back is my favorite part of all this! xD!!!!!!!! I love it so much lmfao!!
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Sooo in this rumble we have Cap, Thor and Widow vs Hulk, Iron Man and Hawkeye??? Am I right?......I wonder who´s side Nick Fury is on tho! 
Awesome Lines......are you keeping the colors as flats or you´ll be adding some volume to this (shades and lights)? It´s an awesome job anyways! :D
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